Africa Graduate University (AGU) Admission

By | June 25, 2019

Africa Graduate University (AGU) Admission

Africa Graduate University (AGU) is a Global Educational Institution being advanced under the protection, by the establishment, of EDN and ADONAI Adventures.

As an Institution of EDN, Africa Graduate University is entrusted with the order to open and set up all type of Academic organizations worldwide to meet the EDN goal of changing the world through Knowledge Generation.

The University promoters originate from Africa, Europe, Asia and the United States of America and it has workplaces worldwide with Directors and Commissioners.

Established: in 2012 in Uganda

Engaging in: Education (Research and Consultancy, Teaching, and Learning)

Incorporation: A constrained Company/Entity joined in 2012 in Uganda with Uganda Registration Service Bureau (URSB) (REG NO: 142954)

AGU Research Entities: Center for Strategic and Security Studies (REG NO: 174827)

• HQ Location: Kampala Uganda (East Africa)


  • Africa
  • United States of America
  • Europe

The accompanying esteems frame AGU’s manual for nonstop change in look into, showing and learning forms. These qualities imply the University’s identity.

They are shared esteems that are sustained and taught in the AGU people group. Understudies should be guided by the correct esteems got from the temperance that improves building ethically upright individuals for a general public that needs to pride in the uprightness organizations and individuals.

The University’s centre esteems are surrounded as

• Corporate Value: Diligent Professional Services and great corporate Governance

Community Value: Mutual Interdependent Partnership and Empowerment

Mission Value: Freedom to thought and Expression

National Value: Accessible, Affordable, Available and Appropriate Education

• Global Value: Enhance the Global Village by Education, Gender and Diversity.

The qualifications you receive from AGU will be globally-recognized, giving you the ability to work, live and thrive anywhere in the world. 
we have three intakes which includes 

INTAKES: January, May, September

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