African Bible University of Uganda Facilities

By | June 28, 2019

African Bible University of Uganda Facilities

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African Bible University is a fully residential university, with room and board provided for virtually all its students. This arrangement makes it possible for students and faculty to enjoy meaningful interaction beyond the hours spent together in the classroom.

Accommodation is provided separately for male and female students, and most of the faculty live on campus. Limited housing for married students and their families is provided, while additional married students may acquire housing for their families in areas close to the university.

In addition to the residences, campus facilities include a chapel, library, classrooms, computer labs, communications centre, administration building, dining hall and sports facility. Additional structure will be added as needs become apparent.

The facilities album is showcased below: African Bible Colleges (Universities) recently celebrated 40 years of operating Christian Universities in Africa. In these 40 years, we have produced outstanding graduates who have rendered exemplary leadership and service to God and their countries in different sectors of society.

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