Mbarara University Postgraduate Private Admissions

By | June 28, 2019

Mbarara University Postgraduate Private Admissions

Mbarara University is yet to commence Postgraduate Private Admissions. All updates and proceeding will be published here. Kindly check back.

Admission requirements

Occasional students:


Occasional students are those students, registered in their home universities that undertake electives / particular course units of interest BUT do not take their degrees at Mbarara University. At the end of the study they are awarded their partial transcripts and results as proof that they have studied

  • Short stays take less than a semester
  • Long stays take 1 academic year

Regular students:

Regular students, these are international students admitted for a full time program at MUST and are expected to attain their certificates and degrees from MUST.

Most international students are required to present an equivalent of their results. This can be done with Uganda National Examination Board (UNEB).

E-mail; for more details

Admission requirements for Undergraduate students

Admission requirements for Postgraduate students

Fees required

Course fees

Undergraduate Student Tuition fees

Postgraduate student Tuition fees

Fees Rates for Occasional students

Length of stay Amount in US Dollars
2- 7 weeks $250
8- 17 weeks $500
18- 34 weeks $1000