Aga Khan University Online Application

Aga Khan University Online Application

Aga Khan University Uganda Online Application – see details below to apply online…

At AKU, the transparent merit-based admissions process and generous fi​nancial assistance ensure that a diverse group of high calibre students will be able to attend the programme of their choice.​

While they are selective in the students they accept, they do not discriminate on faith, gender or national origin.

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Selectio​n processes vary by academic programme, but some common criteria include: fluency in the English language, prior academic performance, critical reasoning skills, attitude and leadership potential.​

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School of Nursing and Midwifery, Uganda

Registrar’s Office
Aga Khan University
Plot 9/11 Muammar Gaddafi Road
P.O. Box 8842
Kampala, Uganda
Tel:  +256 414 349 494
Fax:  +256 414 349 303