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Apartment Units For Sale In Uganda

What Is Apartment Units?

An apartment, or flat, is a self-contained housing unit that occupies part of a building, generally on a single story. There are many names for these overall buildings, Apartment buildings and multifamily properties are defined as any residential space in which two or more units occupy the same property. Some apartment buildings only have a handful of units while larger buildings in metropolitan areas might be dozens of stories tall and house many hundreds of tenants.

Apartment Units For Sale In Uganda

18 Units Apartment Block

Buziga 30m Monthly At 2.8Bn Shillings

6 Units Apartment Block

Ntinda Kigowa 7.2m Monthly At 850m

12 Units Apartment Block

Kyanja 9.6m Monthly At 1.4Bn Shillings

12 Units Apartment Block

Kyanja 9.6m Monthly At 1.1Bn Shillings

6 Units Apartment Block

Kiwatule 12m Monthly At 1.6Bn Shillings

12 Units Apartment Block

Kyanja 9.6m Monthly At 1 Bn Shillings

Things to know before buying an Apartment Units In Uganda

Learn About Types of Apartment Complexes.

Set Your Budget.

Get Pre-Approved.

Look For Properties and Make Offers.

Select a Property Management Company.

Finalize the Deal and Financing.

Stabilize Your Investment.

What is important to look for in an Apartment Units In Uganda?

Be sure to also check: whether the lease is a 6-month, one year or month-to-month type of lease; what date the rent is due each month; whether roommates are allowed; who is responsible for the maintenance; any parking rules; and whether your deposit is refundable.

Which floor of an Apartment Units is best In Uganda?

The top floor is the most secure out of all the levels. Thieves or other invaders will rarely make their way to the top of the building. If you’re on the top, you can feel safe from people who might push into the building from the outside.

What is the main function of an Apartment Units In Uganda?

apartment house, also called apartment block, or block of flats, building containing more than one dwelling unit, most of which are designed for domestic use, but sometimes including shops and other nonresidential features. Apartment buildings have existed for centuries.

What are the characteristics of Apartment Units In Uganda?

Condition of Property.



Basic Features and Amenities.

The layout of Apartment and Building.

Terms and Conditions of the Contract.

Where can I Buy Apartment Units In Uganda?

City Apartments

Bombo Rd, Kampala, Uganda

BMK house furnished apartments

8H9V+VHW, Kampala, Uganda

+256 753 100355

Kwaga Apartments

1175b Moyo Cl, Kampala, Uganda

Nam House Apartments And Offices

 7HPP+QG8, Kampala, Uganda

+256 702 580580

Ntinda View Apartments

 Kiwatule, Kampala, Uganda, Off Old Kira/Kiwatule Road to the right, Just before Ssebowa Road, Box 21384, Kampala, Uganda

+256 787 492028

Acacia Green Apartments

Plot 6-10, Makindu Ln, Kampala, Uganda

+256 41 4533576

White Gold Apartments

Moyo Cl, Kampala, Uganda

+256 772 445940