Baby Shops In Tanzania

Baby Shops In Tanzania

Babyshop is a children’s retail store and the first company under Landmark Group.

Below Is The List Of Baby Shops In Tanzania


+255 769 978 146

Mamitoto Baby Shop

+255 717 530 006

Jojo Baby Shop

+255 674 976 662

Find And Get Baby Store

+255 679 828 283


+255 743 777 794

Arusha Baby Shop

39 Sukobaz St, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Baby’s World Tz

+255 656 666 444

Tash baby store

+255 767 294 554

Malkia Baby Shop

+255 735 006 506

Baby Essentials

+255 755 889 392

Watoto Shop Tz

+255 713 500 810

Divine Kids Store

+255 719 052 052

How to start a baby boutique shop?

There are a few essential steps to planning.

  1. Market research.
  2. Target audience.
  3. Product research.
  4. Shop vs. online.
  5. Business plan.
  6. Budget.
  7. Registering your business.
  8. Preparing for taxes.

What is sold in a baby shop?

Essential items that every baby store should have in stock include diapers and wipes, baby clothing, bottles and pacifiers, baby skincare products, nursing supplies, infant formula and baby food, baby bedding, strollers, car seats, baby carriers, baby safety items, and baby toys and developmental items.

What is the best age to buy baby clothes for?

New parents tend to receive a lot of outfits for the first few months and find themselves scrambling to buy larger outfits that will fit their growing child, so consider buying clothes in the 6-12 month size range. Of course, when you’re buying cute baby outfits, you may want to see the baby wearing them right away.