Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery At Soroti University

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery At Soroti University

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery program will qualify students to pursue these specialties, and many others, after graduation.

The progression of medical knowledge depends upon research, and the University of Adelaide can assist students whose interests lie in becoming a clinical researcher.

This program is designed to teach the art and craft of medicine to help students achieve their specific goals.

Entry Requirements

Ugandan Applicants for Degree programs should hold either

  • UCE & UACE Certificate with 2 Principal Passes OR
  • Diploma from a recognized institution of Higher Learning OR
  • A Pass in Mature Age Examination.


  1. Things you need   
    1. An email   address and  contact  number
    2. You academic  Documents to pick Key  detail   like      award  institution, index   number  for  ” O” and “A” level,   year of  award  or sitting
    3. An Internet           Connection
  2. How to  Do   it         

Step     1:         Accessing  the Application  Portal  Link    

Access  The  online  application link : . Ensure that  the page is   secure before you  continue.

NOTE:  There might  be  other   websites  masquerading as  the application portal. Only  access  the  link      advertised   by  the  university

Step     2:         Signup

  • Signup by  clicking  the orange signup  button  at  the  bottom of  the If  you  cannot see the button, your     browser could   be having a zoom   in  setting.  Zoom   out       holding down   the “CTRL” button  and     pressing    “+”  button  on PC  and  “CMD” and   “+”  on   Mac
  • A password (six-digit          number)   will  be sent to Your mobile number and your email

NOTE:        Sometimes depending  your Mobile Telecom  service provider,      the   message may     delay or not be  delivered.       In this case,  don’t panic,  simply check  your  email.  The same   information is  sent  to  your email as  well.

  • Login using this  password  and your     email   address  or  your  mobile number by selecting  the   “login  with   Tel No”      option
  • After Logging in,  you will  be prompted  to change the  password  to the one you can  Password should  have      at  least a length  of  six  Characters
  • The system will take  you  back  to  the   login  prompt to now login with your new password

Step     3      Filling  a  Form                          

After Logging  in,        click on  the   “APPLY   NOW” Button to  view the  advertised  Schemes ,Read the instructions carefully of each of the  scheme you want to apply   for, Click here to Apply Online For Any University in Uganda

Fill  in the application form accordingly.   

To submit there   is  minimum information that  must be captured. If you     don’t have  this  information ready,  simply  save  the  form and return  later to complete it when   you have all the  information required to submit the application form

Once  the  form  is completely  filled and submitted the following actions can  be done

NOTE:  Remember to Logout  after you have finished applying

Duration: 5 Years

Career Opportunities

Jobs directly related to your degree include:



Clinical radiologist

General practice doctor

Hospital doctor






Jobs where your degree would be useful include:

Adult nurse

Children’s nurse

Clinical scientist, genomics


Higher education lecturer

International aid/development worker

Medical sales representative

Medical science liaison

Mental health nurse




Physician associate

Research scientist (life sciences)

Science writer