Bedside Nursing Services In Uganda

Bedside Nursing Services In Uganda

Bedside nursing is a term used to describe the jobs in nursing that include face-to-face patient interaction that occurs in a hospital or other in-patient facility. Bedside nurses administer medications, change linens, take vital signs, work with providers, and care for the patient’s acute needs.

Bedside Nursing Services In Uganda

Bedside nurses handle personal healthcare issues for individual patients, treat illness and disease, consult with physicians for decisions, and work in hospitals or clinical settings. As nurses, we provide bedside care by doing assessments, administering medications, taking vitals, bathing clients, changing linens and providing information. However, bedside care is not only caring for physical needs, as listed above, but providing emotional support to aid in the recovery process.

Bedside handoff allows the patient the ability to contribute to his or her plan of care. It also allows the oncoming nurse an opportunity to visualize the patient and ask questions. This is critical in meeting the Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goals. Now, during a bedside report, patients may include information not previously shared, ask questions, and thank the nurses for spending the time to discuss what’s going on. One patient said, “I just love it when the nurse leaving and the nurse starting come in and the three of us have a little chat about me.

It should come as no surprise to learn that not all nurses start their career practicing at the bedside, and many nurses do not end their career at the bedside. The nursing field is vast with a plethora of directions to take. Some require bedside nursing experience and some you can step into fresh out of school. Kindness, fairness, caring, trustworthiness, emotional stability, empathy, and compassion are components that make you human on a personal level and serve you well as a nurse. You exhibit strong communication skills. You communicate well with patients and colleagues sometimes at their worst life moments.

Bedside nursing is stressful, and during the pandemic, the stress is even higher. Many nurses are searching for nonbedside jobs or nonhospital jobs that may be less stressful and give them a better work/life balance. You have several skills from your nursing education that can transfer smoothly to another job. Non-bedside nursing jobs are jobs that allow nurses to work in areas of specialty that promote their abilities without having direct bedside patient care. Although these positions are not bedside, nurses still draw upon their nursing knowledge and skills to carry out job duties.

The Cost Of Bedside Nursing Services In Uganda

Depending on the needs of the service, the companies charge between 40,000 to 50,000 shillings a day for full-time care.

List Of Bedside Nursing Services In Uganda

Below Are The Partial List Of Bedside Nursing Services In Uganda

Bedside Nursing And Home Care Services
Luwum St, KIZITO TOWERS, Level 6 +256777199060
kampala Uganda , East Africa, Uganda
+256 701 199060

Star Bedside Nursing & Home Care Services
Plot 247, Access Building, Rubaga Rd, Kampala, Uganda
+256 700 861311

GH Care And Bedside Nurses
Jokasa House, 13 Nakasero Rd, Kampala, Uganda
+256 782 878603

St.Ignatius Bedside Nursing Care Uganda Limited
Mawanda Rd, Kampala, Uganda
+256 785 094485

Trahas Bedside Care
Plot 20 Tagore Cres, Kampala, Uganda
+256 707 400018