Construction Company Registration In Uganda

Construction Company Registration In Uganda

Construction industry refers to the industrial branch of manufacturing and trade related to building, repairing, renovating, and maintaining infrastructures, building construction, the techniques and industry involved in the assembly and erection of structures, primarily those used to provide shelter.

It typically starts with planning, financing, and design, and continues until the asset is built and ready for use, construction also covers repairs and maintenance work, any works to expand, extend and improve the asset, and its eventual demolition, dismantling or decommissioning.

Construction projects are the organized effort to construct a building or structure. In the fields of civil engineering and architecture, construction projects involve the process that consists of tangibly assembling an infrastructure or building. Construction and related engineering services includes construction work for buildings and civil engineering, installation and assembly work, building completion and finishing work.

Required Information For Construction Company Registration In Uganda

Name of Contractor of a work.

Registration Number.

Name of the company (if applicable)

Organization / Company.

Completed application form (Form).

Certificate of Incorporation with the Registrar of companies.

Certified true copy of memorandum & Articles of Association.

Tips To Grow Your Construction Business In Uganda

Build a great team.

Build a strong network.

Launch a valuable website.

Streamline communication channels.

Provide proof.

Use social media.

Market and advertise your services.

Invest in the right software.

Documents Required For Construction Company Registration In Uganda

A drafted plan of the Construction business.

Applicant’s ID proof, Driver’s license, or Voter’s ID.

Aadhaar card of the applicant.

Proof of address: Amenities bill, Eg, electricity or water bill.

Recent passport size photograph of the applicant.

Company registration form.

Application for reservation of a company name.

Memorandum of Association.

Particulars of the directors and secretary (Form CR2and Form CR10)

Statement of nominal capital.

Types Of Building Systems Engineering In Uganda

Civil. Civil engineering related to building systems primarily deals with the routing of site utilities, such as storm water piping and retention, sanitary, natural gas.

Electrical. Everyone thinks of the obvious here: lights.






Starting A Construction Company In Uganda

The two leading players in a market.

Your simple business plan should include.

Choose and reserve a business name.

Register your company.

Trading License.

Developer’s license.

General liability insurance.

Disability insurance.

The Best Entity For A Construction Company In Uganda

Limited liability companies are a popular choice among construction contractors because they provide protection to an owner’s personal assets. All customer or creditor claims against the company are limited to the assets owned by the business.

Important Steps For A Construction Company In Uganda

Do the Market Research.

Make a Business Plan for Your Construction Business.

Choose Your Niche.

Name Your Construction Company.

Register Your Business.

License, Permits, and Taxes.

Open A Business Bank Account.

Buy Insurance.

Fees For A Construction Company In Uganda

ServiceDetailsCosts (Ugx)
RegistrationCertificationUGX 5000
Incorporation of Companies with Share CapitalName reservationUGX 20,000
Registration fees of nominal capital of 1M-5MUGX 50,000
Registration fees of nominal capital exceeding 5M1% of Share Capital

Office Location For A Construction Company In Uganda

Uganda Registration Services Bureau

Uganda Business Facilitation Centre Plot 1 Baskerville Avenue, Kololo

Toll Free: 0800 100 006

Call Center: +256 417 338 100

Phone: +256 414 233 219 / 0417338000

Whistle Blower Hotline: 0414673200

WhatsApp: 0712 448 448

Fax: +256 414 250 712 (General Correspondences) (For Enquiries)