Construction License Application In Uganda

Construction License Application In Uganda

Construction Licence means a temporary written licence granted in the Company’s standard form relating to specified access rights and storage within the Estate in connection with specified construction works being undertaken by a Park Household or a Park Business.

Procedure For Construction License Application In Uganda

A person who intends to carry out a building operation shall apply to the Building Committee in the area in which the Applicant intends to carry out the building operation, for a building permit

The application form shall include the following

the name and physical and postal address of the applicant

be accompanied by the land title or other proof of ownership of the land

where the applicant is not the owner of the land on which the building operation is to be carried out, contain the name of the landowner, the land title or other proof of ownership of the land and a statement of the legal relationship between the applicant and the landowner

contain the name, registration number and a copy of the practicing certificate of the architect and his or her signature, and official stamp of the Uganda Society of Architects and in the case of an engineer, a certificate of good structural practice

be accompanied by such number of copies of building plans and other documents as may be required by regulations and

contain a letter from the Chairperson of the Village Council of the area in which the building operation is to be carried out.

Where the building is a multi-storied structure or building, the application shall include

a structural design and plans, stamped by a registered structural engineer including the name, registration number and his or her signature, a copy of the registration certificate and a copy of the structural design calculations;

a geotechnical report made by a geotechnical laboratory accredited by the ministry responsible for works and endorsed by a registered geotechnical engineer;

Where there are any excavations, a design of the soil support system and protection of the adjacent structures, endorsed by a registered geotechnical or structural engineer.

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  • A Building Control Officer may reject the application giving reasons in writing for the rejection,if the application made to a Building Committee does not comply with the requirements of the building Act.
  • A Building Committee may, upon receipt of an application for a permit, issue a building permit to the applicant within thirty days after the date of receipt of the application.
  • The Building Committee shall, where it issues a permit under subsection (1), endorse its approval on the building plan and other documents, and shall return one endorsed copy each of the building plan and other documents to the applicant.
  • A building permit issued by building committee may be issued upon such terms and conditions as the Building Committee may determine

Required Documents

  • Transfer Certificate of Title
  • Architectural plan
  • structural plans
  • clearance application form
  • Civil/structural permit
  • Electrical permit
  • Mechanical permit
  • Sanitary permit
  • Plumbing permit
  • Electronics permit
  • Fire Safety Clearance
  • NEMA approval
  • Bill of quantities
  • contractor’s registration certificate
  • Quantity surveyor’s practicing certificate
  • Architect’s practicing certificate
  • Engineer’s practicing certificate
  • Survey plan.

Office Locations & Contacts

Uganda National Association of Building and Civil Engineering and Contractors (UNABCEC)Head office
P. O. Box 34046, Kampala, Uganda, 256 Kampala, Uganda
Plot M764, Coronation Avenue, Show-grounds, Lugogo
Tel – +256 (0)392 795 036
Email –


  • A permit from the Building Committee is required for private property construction, alteration or repair work on buildings within the Cities, Municipality and urban Areas of Uganda.
  • Individuals and companies and other stakeholders must register with National Building Review Board be Eligible to invest in Construction work in Uganda.
  • Any company qualified under terms and conditions prescribed from time to time by the Ministry of land, housing and Urban Development is free to register for contraction, as the case may be, for general Construction, Building construction, Special Contractors or foreigners investing in Building/construction Business.
  • The following people/construction industries are eligible for construction/Building Permit.
  • civil engineering
  • structural engineering
  • architecture
  • building services
  • building surveying
  • quantity surveying
  • construction management

Fees for Registering Construction License Application In Uganda

  • 1,000 Ugx for every square meter of area/floor coverage
  • 59,000 Ugx for boundary walls as a flat rate
  • 30,000 Ugx for each structural floor for buildings requiring structural plans.

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