Courier Services In Uganda

Courier Services In Uganda

A courier is a person or organisation that delivers a message, package or letter from one place or person to another place or person. Typically, a courier provides their courier service on a commercial contract basis; however, some couriers are government or state agency employees.

Courier Services In Uganda

Buy an envelope from the post office and inserting the letter inside the envelope, paste it and write ‘speed post’ at the top. Mention the receiver’s name, postal address and phone number on the left side of the envelope. A courier service is a premium, all-inclusive service which collects and delivers shipments in the shortest possible time frame, while postal services are generally used for transporting letters and parcels which can sometimes take some time to arrive at their final destination.

If you like driving, variety, and staying active, then becoming a delivery driver is an excellent option, either part-time or full-time. With recent trends in online shopping and more people working from home, it looks like demand for good couriers will only continue. A delivery driver picks up a route and makes deliveries to a specific area or route. A courier may be assigned routes but will also pick up and deliver individual orders that are placed same day.

The main disadvantages are cost and size as most courier companies have strict limits on how large a package can be, meaning that if your parcel exceeds size limits, the courier service will not be able to transport it. Offer drivers a commission and mileage for each delivery. The commission can be based on the price of the job. You can continue to make deliveries or split your time between deliveries and acquiring more customers. Eventually, you will need to set up a dispatch center for coordinating pickups and deliveries.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise: Delivery route driving can be stressful. Sure, there are many positive reasons to become a courier, but that doesn’t mean that your stress levels as a delivery driver are always low. You have a lot of variety in your day, driving to new places and meeting new people. Many people assume that being a courier is easy. Well, it is if you’re talking about the complexity of your daily tasks. But, it’s hard in that most of your job involves a lot of lifting. Unsurprisingly, one the prerequisites of being a courier is you have a good level of fitness.

Duties And Responsibilities For Courier Services In Uganda

Picking up packages from the sender.

Delivering packages to the recipient.

Taking responsibility for high-value or confidential items.

Accepting payments for the items.

Filling out paperwork about completed deliveries.

Getting signatures from recipients upon delivery

The Cost Courier Services In Uganda

Weight not over (lbs.)Parcel Post Rate
1UGX 63987.80
2UGX 74493.26
3UGX 86526.78
4UGX 96650.23

List Of Courier Services In Uganda


Kampala Road. Mabirizi Complex Building, Plot 47A Basement floor. Opp City Square, Kampala, Uganda

+256 772 697405

DHL Express Uganda

Plot 54 Upper Terrace, Lugogo By-Pass, Kampala, Uganda

+256 31 2210006

Nation Couriers Uganda

Airtel House, Wampewo Ave, Kampala, Uganda

+256 200 711302

Daks Couriers

Opposite Uganda Museum, 64 Kira Rd, Kampala, Uganda

+256 31 2330000

Skynet Worldwide Express Uganda Ltd

Martyrs way Garden Road B, Kampala, Uganda

+256 200 907431

FedEx Head Office

Kinawataka Rd, Kampala, Uganda

+256 41 4671748

Delta courier delivery company limited

3F27+FFG, Entebbe international Airport Entebbe international Airport, Entebbe, Uganda

+256 750 978633


Clement Hill Plot 01, Clement Hill Road URBRA Building Ground Floor, Entebbe, Uganda

+256 200 711900


Plot 5, theatre house, De winton Street, Kampala, Uganda

+256 751 854951

Globex Express Couriers Ltd

Colline House, Plot 4 Pilkington Rd, Kampala, Uganda

+256 39 3265377


MAIN STEET IGANGA, Kampala, Uganda

+256 31 2210006