Customary Land Registration In Uganda

Customary Land Registration In Uganda

Customary land is land which is owned by indigenous communities and administered in accordance with their customs, as opposed to statutory tenure usually introduced during the colonial periods. Common ownership is one form of customary land ownership.

Prevailing systems of land tenure. Land ownership can be categorized into two broad classes: Customary land and Public lands. Customary lands are lands owned by stools, skins, families or clan usually held in trust by the chief, head of family, clan, or land priests for the benefit of members of that group.

A native has no power to sell, lease or dispose of customary land otherwise than to natives in accordance with custom, and a contract of agreement made by him to do so is void”.  Land is communally owned while control and management is vested on the Communal head. Any member of the community who desired a portion of land is granted by the communal head.

Procedure For Customary Land Registration In Uganda

Get the plot and block number for the land in question

Request a search and obtain Application form 1 the Registry of Titles available at the District Land Boards offices and pay a fee of UGX 5,000.

The Applicant has to fill in the forms in triplicate and submit them to the Recorder at the sub-county, who is also the sub-county chief.

The Area Land Committee puts up a notice on behalf of the District Land Board of applicants intention to acquire a certificate. This aims at informing the public of the applicant’s intentions

The committee goes ahead to mark boundaries, rights of way and other forms of easements.

The committee then makes a decision to the legitimacy of such an application using customary law as their guidance.

The decision of the Area Land Committee is put into writing. Three copies are made. The original is forwarded to the District Land Board together with a sketch map of the area.

It is a recommendation, which the Board considers and may either accept or reject with reasons for rejection. When the Board accepts, its acceptance is put in writing and it is sent to the recorder who then issues the certificate at the sub county.

A Customary Land Identification number is given to each certificate of customary ownership issued and a fee of UGX 5,000 is paid.

Required Documents For Customary Land Registration In Uganda

A photocopy of Identification Card

A photocopy of Passport photo

Eligibility For Customary Land Registration In Uganda

Anyone who owns original land can apply for a customary land title.

Fees For Customary Land Registration In Uganda

Registration Fee – UGX 22,500 (UGX 20,000 in fees + 2,500 bank fee).

Validity For Customary Land Registration In Uganda

A land title has no validity period as long as it is issued by the authorized body and transfer of title to another person is not made.

Processing Time For Customary Land Registration In Uganda

Processing time may be three (3) to four (4) weeks, however when the new digitized process of the lands office is completed, chasing a land title will be taking minutes instead of weeks.

Instructions For Customary Land Registration In Uganda

Visit the ministry of lands to acquire necessary application forms and accurately fill them.

Make copies of all the necessary documents

Make all payments

Submit application to the land office

Required Information For Customary Land Registration In Uganda

Full name and address of applicant

Details of the Land in question i.e. location, plot and block numbers

Details of original owner.

Office Locations & Contacts For Customary Land Registration In Uganda

Uganda Land Commission

Century Building Siad Barre Avenue

P.O. Box 36408 Kampala Uganda



Telephone: (0) 414 235 875/235 884



Tel: +256 204660000, +256 414581294

District Land Offices (DLOs)

District Land Offices (DLOs)

Office of the Recorder (OR)

Area Land Committees (ALCs)

Ministry Zonal Offices (MZOs)in all Districts of Uganda

District Land Boards (DLBs)In All Districts in Uganda