Diploma in Education (Primary) At Kabale University

Diploma in Education (Primary) At Kabale University

This program is called Diploma in Education (Primary) and shall run for 2 academic years with a total of nine sessions.

Diploma in Primary Education (DEP) is a program offered to grade III and in-service teachers who like to upgrade and to enhance primary education skills. Given that the ministry of education is vehemently promoting high caliber teachers (every teacher to have a degree by 2031), the Faculty of Education pools efforts in ensuring that more teachers are trained and equipped with skills to propel learners into creative and active learning for sustainable development of Uganda as a whole.

Diploma in Education (Primary) At Kabale University Entry requirements

The Diploma in Primary Education is a two-year program that trains professional teachers across various subjects. Students who have obtained a Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) or its equivalent and those students with a Grade III certificate are eligible for admission into the DEP program.

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Diploma in Education (Primary) At Kabale University Course Duration:

It takes 2 years to complete Diploma in Education (Primary) At Kabale University.

Job Prospects After Studying Diploma in Education (Primary)

Jobs directly related to your degree include:

Community education officer

Early years teacher

Education administrator

Education consultant

Education mental health practitioner

English as a foreign language teacher

Further education teacher

Learning mentor

Primary school teacher

Secondary school teacher

Special educational needs coordinator (SENCO)

Special educational needs teacher

Teaching assistant

Jobs where your degree would be useful:

Careers adviser

Child psychotherapist


Family support worker

Health play specialist

Museum education officer

Play therapist

Private tutor

Youth worker