Doctor of Philosophy in Agricultural and Rural Innovation At Makerere University

Doctor of Philosophy in Agricultural and Rural Innovation At Makerere University

This course will comprehensively discuss the importance of agricultural service delivery systems and their influence on uptake and use of innovations.

The course will critically analyse effectiveness of the different models and approaches used in service delivery; examine the support infrastructure and policy environment; emerging and cross-cutting issues that affect equitable access to agricultural services; entrepreneurship in agricultural service delivery; developing entrepreneurship abilities among value chain actors; professionalism and ethical conduct in agricultural service delivery.    

Doctor of Philosophy in Agricultural and Rural Innovation At Makerere University Entry Requirements

General Requirements

(i) A Master’s degree from a recognised/chartered University at the time of completion in a field relevant to the area of further studies.

A student shall be granted provisional registration up to one academic year on the basis of acceptance of academic qualification and presentation of an acceptable research synopsis.

(ii) During the course of the academic year, a PhD student should develop a comprehensive research proposal for full admission with the help of senior members of the academic staff in the relevant fields of study.

(iii) The respective Boards of Colleges/Schools should identity supervisors and Doctoral Committees for each student (See Section 8.0 of the Graduate Hand Book).

Admission Requirements

 Candidates must hold a Masters’ degree in agricultural related sciences or social sciences from a recognized University.

 A Master’s degree in any other natural sciences from a recognized university and at least two years of working experience with an agricultural or rural development initiative.

 Proficiency in English both spoken and written. Candidates without an English background may be required to take a remedial course in English language as a pre requisite

 A 4-5 page concept note indicating students’ research interest areas and their motivation for joining the programme.

Work experience in an Agricultural and Rural Development related initiative is an added advantage.

How To Apply For Online Admission

Online Application Instructions

Step 1: Accessing the Application Portal
Access The online application link by clicking here: Ensure that the page is secure before you continue.
NOTE: There might be other websites masquerading as the application portal. Only access the link advertised by the university

Step 2: Signup
– Signup by clicking the orange signup button at the bottom of the page. If you cannot see the button, your browser could be having a zoom in setting. Zoom out holding down the “CTRL” button and pressing “+” button on PC and “CMD” and “+” on Mac

A password (six-digit number) will be sent to Your mobile number and your email address.
NOTE: Sometimes depending your Mobile Telecom service provider, the message may delay or not be delivered. In this case, don’t panic, simply check your email. The same information is sent to your email as well.
– Login using this password and your email address or your mobile number by selecting the “login with Tel No” option

Check Makerere University Application Deadline

– After Logging in, you will be prompted to change the password to the one you can remember. Password should have at least a length of six Characters

– The system will take you back to the login prompt to now login with your new password

Step 3 Filling a Form

After Logging in, click on the “APPLY NOW” Button to view the advertised Schemes. Read the instructions carefully of each of the scheme you want to apply for

Fill in the application form accordingly. To submit there is minimum information that must be captured. If you don’t have this information ready, simply save the form and return later to complete it when you have all the information required to submit the application forms Read more

Programme Duration: 3 Years

Job Prospects After Studying Doctor of Philosophy in Agricultural and Rural Innovation

Jobs directly related to your degree include:

Agricultural consultant

Estates manager

Farm manager

Fish farm manager

Plant breeder/geneticist

Rural practice surveyor

Soil scientist

Jobs where your degree would be useful include:

Amenity horticulturist

Commercial horticulturist

Field trials officer

Forest/woodland manager

Horticultural consultant

Magazine journalist

Newspaper journalist

Sales executive