EFC Uganda Limited Vacancies 2020

EFC Uganda Limited (MDI), which previously operated as EFC Limited, figures among the fastest growing microfinance institutions in Uganda. Licensed and supervised by the Bank of Uganda, EFC is committed to contributing to the development of the country’s private sector by providing increased access to financial services for the underserved micro and small scale enterprise (MSE) market segment. EFC Uganda is driven by its mission of offering financial services to MSEs on a permanent and sustainable basis while contributing to wealth creation and poverty reduction.

EFC Uganda offers a wide range of products and financial services that are customized to suit the Ugandan market. These include access to savings accounts using smart cards as well as commercial and housing loans. Our lending products range in scope from the Market Women Trader Loans, Home Improvement Loans and MSE Loans, while our savings products include Regular Savings Accounts, Premium Savings Accounts and Term Deposit Savings.
The company presently operates in Kampala with a Head Office, two Branches and five Business Service Centers (BSCs) . All of them have shown robust growth over the past years and remain a solution to our customers’ needs.

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