Engineering Companies In Tanzania

Engineering Companies In Tanzania

Tanzania has a significant number of engineering companies, both local and international, operating in the country. Some of the notable engineering firms in Tanzania include Konoike Construction Co. Ltd., China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC), and China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC).

Below is the list of Engineering Companies In Tanzania

Reco Engineering Company Ltd

+255 767 909 690

Becco Limited

+255 786 700 500

SMEC International (Pty) Ltd

+255 22 260 1596

Tera Technologies and Engineering Ltd

+255 22 270 1612

NORPLAN Tanzania

+255 22 278 0183

Edge Engineering and Consulting Ltd

+255 763 499 997

GNC Solutions Yard

6546+P33, Kimara Stop-Over, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Kings Builders

+255 733 632 776

Gemen Engineering Company Limited

+255 28 255 0713

Dezo Civil Contractors Co Ltd

672F+7WH, Kipalapala St, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Mollel Electrical Contractors Ltd.

+255 22 266 8486

Perntels Company Limited

+255 22 277 2824

Inter-Consult Ltd

+255 22 277 2424

CSI Energy Group Tanzania

+255 22 245 0028


+255 22 278 0341

Which is the best engineering course in Tanzania?

List Of Best Engineering Courses In Tanzania 2023

  • Bachelor of Science in Telecommunications Engineering.
  • Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering.
  • Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering and Mechanisation.
  • Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering.
  • Bachelor of Electronics and Communication Engineering.

What are the types of engineering in Tanzania?

You can study civil engineering, which deals with the design and construction of infrastructure like roads, bridges, and dams. Or you could study mechanical engineering, which focuses on the design and construction of machines.

How much does an engineer earn in Tanzania?

The majority of Civil engineers earn a salary between TSh647,164 and TSh6,600,056 per month in 2023. A monthly wage for entry-level Civil engineers ranges from TSh647,164 to TSh1,917,991. After gaining 5 years of work experience, their income will be between TSh825,447 and TSh2,666,394 per month.