Fertilizer Companies In Tanzania

Fertilizer Companies In Tanzania

Fertilizer Business means the business conducted by the Company consisting of the production, manufacture, processing, marketing, and sale of fertilizers and related products.

Fertilizer Companies In Tanzania

Below is the list of Fertilizer Companies In Tanzania

Tanzania Fertilizer Company Ltd

Address: 67QH+258, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Phone: +255 714 882 918

Premium Agro Chem Ltd

Address: 57MP+JRC, Jamhuri St, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Phone: +255 714 999 922


Address: 2JJ7+X4 Sumbawanga, Tanzania Sumbawanga TZ, 10295, Tanzania

Phone: +255 767 603 971

Guavay Company Ltd

Address: Off-Bagamoyo Road, Vikawe, Kibaha, Pwani Kibaha TZ, 33686, Tanzania

Phone: +255 762 833 736


Address: 67JJ+967, Oysterbay Plazza, Mikumi, Tanzania

Phone: +255 767 514 777


Address: MOROGORO ROAD No. 43 DAR ES SALAAM TZ, 11000, Tanzania

Phone: +255 787 184 203


Address: Unnamed Road, Songea, Tanzania songea TZ, 10295, Tanzania

Phone: +255 685 048 527

Agrami Afrika Co. Ltd

Address: Plot No 22 Tom Estate – Minazini Street, Kurasini Dar es Salaam TZ, 15109, Tanzania

Phone: +255 654 111 555

How big is the fertilizer market in Tanzania?

The market for fertilizer in Tanzania currently is upwards of 500,000 metric tonnes. There is certainly space for Guavay to wiggle and claim a wider market share. The company still seeks to expand the fertilizer processing facility in the short term.

How much is fertilizer in Tanzania?

Tanzania Reintroduces Prices Regulation on Fertilizers ...

The Tanzania Fertilizer Regulatory Authority (TFRA) recently released a statement to regulate the price of fertilizers sold in Tanzania. On average, 50 kg bags of fertilizer will now be sold between TZS 73,468 to TZS 75,526, while 25 kg bags will trade between TZS 3Z734 and TZS 33,763 each.

What kind of fertilizer is used in Tanzania?

The Fertilizer Industry in Tanzania

Primary fertilizers used in Tanzania include urea, and the blends Di Ammonium Phosphate (DAP), calcium ammonium nitrate (CAN), and nitrogen-phosphorous-potassium fertilizer (NPK).