Friesian Cows For Sale In Uganda

Friesian Cows For Sale In Uganda

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What is Friesian Cow?

Friesian cow (often shortened to Holsteins in North America, while the term Friesians is often used in the UK and Ireland) are a breed of dairy cattle that originated in the Dutch provinces of North Holland and Friesland, and Schleswig-Holstein in Northern Germany.

How many Litres of milk does a Friesian cow produce per day in Uganda?

The production capacity is based on the quality and number of animals raised on the farm. However, for 5 Friesian Cows, 100ltrs of milk will be produced as each Dairy Animal is capable of producing 20 Litres of milk per day.

Friesian Cows For Sale In Uganda

Pregnant Hybrid Cow 5months

USh 3,000,000

Bull Cow in Tororo

USh 4,000,000

Health Cow on Sale

USh 2,500,000

Bull Cow on Sell Tororo

USh 5,500,000

Bull Cow in Mulago

USh 4,500,000

Cow 7months Prgnt

USh 3,500,000

Freshian Cow on Sell

USh 1,700,000

Healthy Cow in Jinja

USh 3,500,000

Bull Cow 5months

USh 2,100,000

Healthy Cow In Jinja Buwenge

USh 4,500,000

Pregnant Cow 7months

USh 3,700,000

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How much does a Friesian cow cost in Uganda?

The heifers, which are procured within Uganda, actually cost between $60 and $120 and are funded by sponsors primarily from the United States. The family keeps the heifer and receives a crash course in tick control, milking techniques, and other cow essentials. And the animal is regularly checked out by a veterinarian.

How many Litres of milk does a Friesian produce?

There were a lot of variations in milk yield between individual cows within a certain dairy breed with highest being Holstein-Friesian (8.75 liters) and the least being Ankole (2.2 liters).

What is the lifespan of a Friesian cow?

A cow can live for around 20 years but in commercial systems she will be culled at 6 years old, on average3. She can give birth from 2-3 years old. Dairy cows have a hierarchical social structure and communicate by touch, smell, vocalisations and body language.