Full List Of Best Secondary Schools in Uganda

Full List Of Best Secondary Schools in Uganda

Traditional secondary schools performed better than the new schools in the last five years, an analysis shows.

A mini-survey by Daily Monitor on schools performance in Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) exams for the last five years indicates that Gayaza High School, Immaculate Heart Girls School, King’s College Budo, Seeta High School (Main), and Uganda Martyrs Secondary School Namugongo have appeared five times among the top list of secondary schools in uganda

Gayaza, Budo, and Immaculate Heart are all traditional schools while Seeta High is among the new schools.

On the other hand, Cornerstone Leadership Academy, Kisozi High School, Mount St. Mary’s Namagunga, and St. Mary’s Secondary School, Kitende have appeared four times among the top list of schools in uganda, still, in the last five years.

Appeared thrice

God’s way High School, Maganjo, Iganga Secondary School, Madinah Islamic Secondary School, Nsangi, Mary Hill School, Namilyango College, St Henry’s College, Kitovu, St. Joseph’s Secondary School, Naggalama, St Mary’s College, Kisubi and Seeta High School Mukono have appeared three times among the top list of schools in uganda.

Meanwhile, Bukalasa Minor Seminary and Green Light Islamic Secondary School, Nansana appeared twice.

Some head teachers and administrators of the top-performing schools said they have consistently emerged among the best because of the conducive learning environment and high standards of management.

Sr Gladyce Kachope, the headteacher of Immaculate Heart Girls School in Rukungiri District explained their good performance.

“We pray so much as a school, encourage teamwork among both students and teachers as well as always effect our motto (of aiming higher) into our daily lives,” Sr Kachope said.

Ms Idah Balina, the head teacher of Iganga Secondary School, attributed the good performance to the discipline among students, teamwork and prayers.

The schools


Gayaza High School

Immaculate Heart Girls School

King’s College, Budo

Seeta High School (main campus)

Uganda Martyrs S S Namugongo

Cornerstone Leadership Academy

Kisozi High School

Mt. St Mary’s, Namagunga

St. Mary’s Sec School, Kitende

God’s Way High School, Maganjo

Iganga Secondary School

Madinah Islamic Sec Sch, Nsangi

Mary Hill High School

Namilyango College

Seeta High School, Mukono

St. Henry’s College, Kitovu

Joseph’s Sec School, Naggalama

Mary’s College, Kisubi

Bukalasa Minor Seminary

Who qualifies for secondary school in Uganda?

Pupils who pass their PLE can progress to secondary school. This has two stages; the first four years, senior one (S1) to senior four (S4), constitute the O-level period. At the end of S4, students sit the second major national exams known as the Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) or simply O-level examinations.

What is the biggest secondary school in Uganda?

Masaka Secondary School

Masaka Secondary School is a public middle and high school, administered by the Uganda Ministry of Education & Sports. With a student population in excess of 4000 in 2016, the school is one of the largest secondary schools in the country and east Africa.

Which is the oldest secondary school in Uganda?

Namilyango College

Namilyango College is the oldest secondary school in Uganda. It is a boys-only boarding middle and high school located in Mukono District in the Central Region of Uganda, whose history and excellence in academics and sports have made it one of the most prestigious schools in Uganda.

What means secondary school?

Definition of secondary school

Is an intermediate between elementary school and college and usually offering general, technical, vocational, or college-preparatory courses.

What grades are in secondary school?

As of the introduction of K to 12, secondary education lasts 2 years longer. It now consists of 2 phases: lower secondary education, concluded with exams for a Junior High School Diploma; upper secondary education, concluded with exams for a Grade 12/Senior High School Diploma.

What are the subject of secondary?

The subject choices and combinations we offer provide the range of learning experiences needed to cover the required breadth and depth of a sound secondary education. By the end of Secondary Four, our students will be familiar with the core subject areas and will have acquired sufficient knowledge and skills to identify their preferences and eventually advance to specific course choices for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP).

  • English Language Arts
  • First Language Chinese/Chinese as a Second Language
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • History
  • Geography
  • Art
  • Music
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Physical Education
  • Pastoral Care
  • Education and Career Guidance
Subject GroupingSubjects
1. LanguagesChinese (First language/Second language) English (First language)
2. Humanities and Social SciencesEconomics Geography History World Literature
3. SciencesBiology Chemistry Physics
4. MathematicsAdditional Mathematics Mathematics
5. Professional and CreativeArt and Design Computer Science Information and Communication Technology Music

Subject GroupingSubjects
1. Language and LiteratureEnglish A Language and Literature Chinese A Language and Literature
2. Language AcquisitionChinese B English B (High Level Only) Mandarin Ab Initio* Spanish Ab Initio* French Ab Initio*, offered via Pamoja
3. Individuals and SocietiesEconomics Geography History Information Technology in a Global Society
4. SciencesBiology Chemistry Physics Computer Science
5. MathematicsMathematics: Analysis and Approaches
6. The ArtsVisual Arts Music

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