German Visa Requirements In Tanzania

German Visa Requirements In Tanzania

In 2022, 2,574 people applied for a German Schengen visa in Tanzania. The reasons for visiting the country vary from tourism purposes to training or internships. Either way, the visa application process can sometimes be complicated to follow. Knowing what’s expected of you as a visa applicant will increase your chances of completing this process successfully. So, it’s important to understand whether you can apply for a visa to Germany and how to complete this process from Tanzania.

Do Tanzanian Citizens Need a Visa to Germany?

Yes, Tanzanian nationals must apply for a visa to enter Germany. You’re required to apply for a visa even if you’re planning to stay short-term in the country as a tourist or visit friends and family.

However, you have to keep in mind that if you already have a valid Schengen visa issued by another country you can use that visa to enter Germany for short visits.

Who Can Apply for a German Visa in Tanzania?

Citizens of these countries who have been residing in Tanzania for at least three months and plan on visiting Germany are required to get a German visa.

You should apply for a German Schengen visa in Tanzania if:

  • You are only visiting Germany in the Schengen area – Which means that if you want to visit Belgium only, you will not be allowed to apply for a visa for Germany. You must plan to visit Germany in order to qualify for the visa.
  • You will spend most of your visiting days in Germany – If you are doing a tour around Europe and the Schengen zone countries, you will have to apply for the visa in the country you will be staying in the longest. So if you want to visit Germany for 5 days, Belgium for 4 days, and the Netherlands for 3 days, you are eligible to apply for a visa in Germany. If you are staying longer in another country, then you cannot apply for a visa in Germany.

How to Set up an Appointment for a Germany Visa in Tanzania through VFS Global Visa Application Center?

Scheduling a Germany visa appointment in Tanzania is a quick and easy procedure, that consumes little of your time and energy. You just need to precisely follow the steps listed below:

  1. First, go to the VFS Global’s website for Tanzania, and create an account in the “Book an appointment section”. If you have already created an account in the past, then just login by giving in your old data.
  2. Once your account is opened, continue giving in the information you are asked for. You will need to list Germany as your ‘visiting country’ and Tanzania as your ‘residing country’.
  3. Next select your visa category, which you should decide according to the purpose of your trip to Germany. Click ‘continue’ and a new set of questions will appear on your screen.
  4. Complete the new set of questions, which overall are questions on your personal details and background. Make sure you have your passport close to you as you will have to write your passport number among others.
  5. After you continue with the next page, you will be presented with a calendar that lets you select an appointment date.

How Do I Get a Visa for Germany From Tanzania?

To get a visa to Germany from Tanzania follow the instructions as listed:

  1. Select the correct visa type.
  2. Find out where to apply.
  3. Set up an appointment with VFS Global Visa Application Center.
  4. Prepare the required documents.
  5. Pay the visa fee.
  6. Submit your application.

Select the Correct Visa Type

If you’re visiting Germany for specific purposes such as tourism, business, cultural visits, etc., you have to determine which visa type meets your requirements. Depending on the visa type you may be required to submit additional documents, which is why it’s important to complete this step first.

Find Out Where to Apply

Next, you must find the VFS Global Visa Application Center in Tanzania.

Set Up an Appointment With the VFS Global Visa Application Center

After you locate the correct application office, you must schedule an appointment with the nearest VFS Global Visa Application Center. From there you can select your visa type and set up the appointment. Note that since VFS Global Visa Application Center is a third party provider licenced by the German governmen, they might charge additional fees for setting up an appointment.

Prepare the Required Documents

For the visa application, you must assemble several required documents as your passport, identity pictures, application form, etc. In case you don’t have some of these documents you must obtain them from the relevant authorities in Tanzania before your appointment. So make sure you start the document collection as soon as you schedule your appointment with the German embassy/consulate.

Pay the Visa Fee

To have your application processed you must pay the visa fee as required by the embassy or consulate. Some embassies may ask you to pay the fee before your interview while others after your interview depending on they operate’ either way, make sure to have the money with you on the day you submit your application.

Submit Your Application

On the scheduled day of your appointment, you must bring your documents with you at the VFS Global Visa Application Center office. In addition, you may be required to attend a visa interview where you need to answer questions regarding your trip to Germany.

What Documents Are Required to Apply for a German Visa in Tanzania?

You must prepare the following documents for your German visa application:

  • Application form.You must provide a filled-out and signed application form for your visa. You can usually download the form online via the embassy website, print it and fill it out. Please make sure to submit accurate and complete information.
  • Declaration of accuracy of information. Submit a signed declaration of accuracy of information with the rest of your documents.
  • Your passport.You must provide your passport which must be valid for an additional three months after you leave Germany, contains two blank pages and was issued in the last ten years.
  • Identification photographs. One identity photograph in line with the Schengen visa photo guidelines — the photo must not be older than 6 months.
  • Proof of residency in Tanzania. Submit proof of residency in Tanzania such as your utility bill — make sure to provide the original document plus one copy.
  • Residence permit. You must submit proof of a valid residence permit — make sure to submit an additional copy of the document.
  • Schengen travel health insurance. Provide proof of purchased valid travel health insurance that covers you in the Schengen Area and has a minimum of EUR 30,000 equivalent to TZS 78,837,112.39 of medical coverage including medical emergencies.
  • Proof of accommodation.Submit proof of accommodation during your stay in the country. You can submit proof of hotel reservation, rental agreement, and Airbnb, or if you’re staying with someone an invitation letter.
  • Travel itinerary.Please provide a travel itinerary for your entry and visit to the country and include proof of reserved flight ticket.
  • Proof of sufficient financial means.You must submit your recent bank statements from the last three months showing you have sufficient funds to cover your travel to Germany. Your bank statements must show the name and address of the owner.
  • Declaration form for additional contact and legal representation information. Submit two completed and signed copies of this declaration form.
  • Letter of invitation. If you are visiting a family member or a friend please provide an invitation letter from your host stating their relationship with you and your reason for visiting. If they are sponsoring you they must also include that in the letter.
  • Documentation for minor applicants. If minors are applying the following documents must also be included:
    • Signed application form by both parents.
    • Proof of custody if one parent has custody of the child.
    • Original passports of the parents in addition to a copy.
    • Children’s birth certificate.
    • Notarised travel consent letter if both parents/legal guardians cannot visit the embassy/visa centre.