How Long Does It Take To Get Tin Number In Uganda

How Long Does It Take To Get Tin Number In Uganda

What is Tin Number?

A Taxpayer Identification Number is an identifying number used for tax purposes in Uganda and in other countries under the Common Reporting Standard. In Uganda it is also known as a Tax Identification Number or Federal Taxpayer Identification Number. 

How Long Does It Take To Get Tin Number In Uganda?

The process can take between 3 and 30 days depending on what part of the country you live in. When you submit your application the Uganda Revenue Authority representative will tell you when it should be ready.

How do I get a TIN certificate from URA Uganda?

Go to and Login to your TIN account. Under eServices select Tax Clearance Certification.

A page will appear with the tax clearance certificate application form that will auto. populate tax payer details.

Select Submit. On submission of the form an acknowledgement receipt with a reference number is generated.

How much does it cost to get a TIN number in Uganda?

All one needs is a National ID, driver’s license or passport and internet access.

Can I get my TIN number in one day in Uganda?

Usually, the RDO will issue the TIN card within the day if you submit your request before the 1:00 PM deadline. If the office runs out of ID paper or encounters a technical problem, you may be requested to return in one to three working days.

How do I get a TIN online in Uganda?

One has to visit the official Uganda Revenue Authority website. If an individual, one has to download the e-tax form DT-1001. Start filling in the details require. Click on the register for taxes, individual or non-individual depending on the forms you downloaded.

Where can I get Tin Number In Uganda?

Uganda Revenue Authority

Address: 9H6F+VJ7, Kampala, Uganda

Uganda Registration Services Bureau

Address: 1 Baskerville Ave, Kampala, Uganda

Phone: +256 800 100006