How Much Does It Cost To Clear A Car In Uganda

How Much Does It Cost To Clear A Car In Uganda

The total cost of importing a car to Uganda depends on the import tax. This is calculated based on the General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs (G.A.T.T). Taxes for car import in Uganda include:

  1. Import duty – Usually 15% of dutiable value
  2. Value added tax – (VAT) is 17% of the import duty fees
  3. Import declaration fee – 2% of dutiable value
  4. Withholding tax – 4% of dutiable value
  5. Excise duty – in some cases excise duty may be charged at 10% of duty fees

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How Long Does It Take to Import a Car From Japan?

With SBI Motor Japan, the import process starts as soon as payment is received and confirmed. Once this happens, we find the best shipping company from Japan to your chosen port of entry. The duration therefore depends on this, but usually takes around several weeks.

Which Documents Do You Need to Clear and Register an Imported Car in Uganda?

Some of the documents required for registering an imported car in Uganda include:

  1. Original Bills of Lading
  2. Work permit (Copy only)
  3. Original copy of Immigration permit (Original copy)
  4. Certificate of change of residence
  5. Consignee’s passport (Original copy)
  6. Invoice for the vehicle
  7. English copy of the car inventory in triplicate (Valued, signed and dated by the customer)
  8. Original logbook of the vehicle
  9. Original export documents from the country of origin
  10. Electrically-powered items must include serial numbers
  11. Tax identification number: Issued by the consignee’s local employer in Uganda

NOTE. If you choose Dar-es-Salaam as your point of entry, there is extra regulation to consider.  You must register the vehicle you are importing with Tanzania’s Revenue Authority first. This will let you get clearance from the Tanzania Customs Regulations. Your car will then be allowed to proceed to Uganda.

How is import duty calculated on a car in Uganda?

Import duty for second hand motor vehicles is calculated using the following rates:

Import duty = 25% of the customs value of the vehicle*

Excise duty = 20% of (CIF invoice + Import duty)

VAT = 16% (CIF value + import duty + excise duty)

These are calculated cumulatively and in that order.

* customs value of the vehicle is determined using the CIF invoice which includes the cost of the car + marine insurance + shipping and transport charges. So typically you can expect to pay 25% of your CIF invoice for your import duty.

Vehicle registration costs in Uganda

Personalised number plates can be bought. These cost 20,000,000 for motor vehicles and 1,500,000 for motorcycles.