How Much Is A Kg Of Rabbit Meat In Uganda

How Much Is A Kg Of Rabbit Meat In Uganda

There is a big market for rabbit meat both in Uganda and the region, however, the delicacy has been let down by inconsistent supply. 

How Much Is A Kg Of Rabbit Meat In Uganda?

Each is valued at sh120, 000, giving the mother stock an estimated value of sh72m with each producing at least 38 kits per year, meaning the farm produces at least 22,800 rabbits per year. 

The offspring go for around sh60,000 each depending on their weight after 5 months. 

“If we get 200 farmers with 100 breeders, this means that each of the farmers can produce at least 3,600 kits each year, making 360,000 kits per year in total. That will go a long way in sustaining the current market

Mukasa says that in recent years, rabbit meat has gradually found its way on the table of many Ugandan elites and corporates, adding that some hotels and restaurants serve rabbit meat, yet supply remains very low. 

“At the moment, a kilogram goes for between sh28,000 and sh35,000, so to satisfy the Ugandan market, a ton of rabbit meat should be produced each day and those on average are 1, 000 rabbits if the whole common weight is considered or about 500 if we use the improved breeds,” he says. 

What is the demand for rabbit meat in Uganda?

High consumer costs limit market demand. Notwithstanding this, rabbit meat is not traditionally consumed by Ugandans. In Kampala, only two meat markets, two restaurants, and one university sell rabbit meat (estimated volume of only 100-200 fryers/month). Customers are mostly expatriates.