How Much It Cost To Approve A House Plan In Uganda

How Much It Cost To Approve A House Plan In Uganda

A house plan is a set of construction or working drawings (sometimes called blueprints) that define all the construction specifications of a residential house such as the dimensions, materials, layouts, installation methods and techniques.

Cost To Approving A House Plan In Uganda

As you begin to plan your new home, you should realise that the first step is to calculate a figure that you feel is affordable for you. You should include the cost of the land, architectural designs, landscaping, building materials (interior and exterior), and any other options that you know you will need before the completion of the project and in terms of financing (where will the funds be coming from?).

Your plans may start out wishful, but you will need to keep in mind the additions and modifications that you will certainly make, will create an issue with the affordability of your new home. When you determine your budget, you will be able to better determine what is affordable for the size and features of your home.
The size will be the most important factor in building the home.

The average cost per square metre for doing a residential house is at about Shs600,000 ($300) per square metre and this is the cost of constructing just the shell of your house that will include labour, materials and roofing.

It would then be easier to determine what your overall cost would be. But we know that as you get to do the finishes, the cost will double.

Finishes vary in cost because of the quality and where you are purchasing from and in what quantities. On average, the finishes would cost Shs600,000 ($300) per square metre.

And this figure will cater for the wall finishes and fixtures.

Generally, the square area of your building plans multiply by Shs600,000 estimate and you will know your general cost. But this figure will not have put into consideration your boundary wall and landscaping but this is a good starting point.

If the total cost of the architectural plans has gone way over your budget, you may have to consider choosing a new design or scaling down the one you have.

If you are just slightly over budget, you may be able to adjust options and finishing touches to make sure your budget will be met.

How much it costs to build a 3 bedroom house in Uganda?

For Shs60m or slightly over, one can get themselves a decent three bedroomed self-contained house, fully complete and finished.

Can 20 million Uganda shillings build a house?

According to Cissy Namaganda, proprietor and CEO of Cinam Investments, it is possible to build a house with a budget of USh 20m.

How much is roofing a house in Uganda?

An average three bedroom bangalow costs between Shs18m and Shs22m to roof with iron sheets. Super eco iron sheets with a box-like design cost between Shs33,000 to Shs42,000. Eco tile and Roman tile cost Shs78,000.