How Much It Cost To Build A 3 Bedroom House In Uganda

How Much It Cost To Build A 3 Bedroom House In Uganda

Starting out is hard, but once you set rolling, many things seem achievable and easy. Below we would like to discuss the materials and price you would need to construct a 3-bedroom house from start to finish.

Around 260 bags of cement would be sufficient, at the market rate of cement, to obtain 260 bags one would cost at least 6.7million. The availability of cement makes things even better and faster because the cement in most cases is the ingredient of construction.

About three (3) forward trips of Aggregate stones, eight (8) forward trips of plaster sand, and seven (7) forward trips of Lake sand at a cost of Shs 780,000, Shs1.2m, and Shs1.6m respectively.

With these items what is left are bricks and your dream of owning a house inches closer. So far we have used approximately Shs10million on purchasing a few items, hard is it?

We shall go in for burnt clay bricks since we are looking at an economical budget. About 2240 pieces of burnt clay bricks for foundation and walling would suffice, the economic sense of it brings you to about Shs1.5m.

You would also require approximately 11,000 local brunt bricks for superstructure walling, this would cost about Shs 2.7m.

Hardcore stones for the foundation would require three trips forward at about Shs660,000.

At this level, there is no turning back. The foundation always is the hardest part and when you have most of its material, you will be shocked at how your house runs to the sky quickly.

Smaller items required

Gladiator (Anti termite)- Shs56,000

BRC Mesh- Shs480,000

8 * 2 Timber for form work- Shs150,000

DPM- Shs80,000

DPC- Shs120,000

Round poles- Shs320,000

Y12 22pcs- Shs792,000

Rings 10 pcs- Shs180,000

Binding wire 10 kgs- Shs50,000


A recommended flat roof for economic purposes and an ordinary profile iron sheet colored gauge 30. You can always look into the roof when money is available at a later stage.

42 pieces of this type of roof would cost 1.76m

Other items

Hoop iron 6 rolls- Shs320,000

Assorted Nails 50kgs- Shs300,000

Assorted Timber- Shs1,800,000

Expanded wire mesh 12 bundles- Shs 360,000


The main entrance door at this point, one would go for a steel door. Do not tempt a wooden entrance door or a slider aluminum door because the cost will swell your budget. Of course, if you can afford by this time, why not?

A good steel door for the front would cost in the region of Shs550,000 while at the back you would part with half the rate you spent on the front door.

Other items

Windows 7 pcs with glazing- Shs2,750,000

Wooden interior doors and frames 9pcs – Shs2,600,00

Finishes: Kitchen Boards and sinks –Shs 400,000

Closet boards – Shs700,000

Paints & undercoat & brushes/rollers – Shs2,200,000


Tiling, in this case, is optional depending on how much you are still willing to spend. But should you decide to go tiling, look at costing about Shs1.1m.

Plumbing and Electricity

Plumbing: All plumbing materials and appliances will cost Shs 2,200,000

Electric materials and fittings- 2,800,000


Labour will stay in the region between Shs8m and 9m.

It is also important that one keeps an elastic budget for the transportation of materials and personnel once in a while.

Also, the budget does not indicate the processes of connecting water and electricity from the source.  It is therefore important that a miscellaneous budget is considered for such.