How Much It Cost To Get A Tin Number In Uganda

How Much It Cost To Get A Tin Number In Uganda

A TIN is a 10- digit unique number allocated and issued free of charge by URA to identify a person as a duly registered taxpayer. Registration for tax purposes is a legal and civil obligation for any person – individual and non-individual – who is earning income above the set tax threshold. This income is called chargeable income.

How Much It Cost To Get A Tin Number In Uganda

Acquiring a TIN is free!

With the new interface, getting a TIN is now easier and brief because all excesses in the past application have been cut out. All one needs is a National ID, driver’s license or passport and internet access.

What are the benefits of a TIN

A TIN acts as a security measure on transactions regarding some assets like cars, land or any other property.

It enables one to import or export goods, claim tax benefits, access bank loans, acquire a trading license from local government/KCCA to undertake business, register one ’s car and process stamp duty on land transactions above UGX 50 million.

The TIN also facilitates the administration of a taxpayer’s tax affairs since it is issued for use by a registered taxpayer alone. A TIN is issued for the purpose of complying with tax obligations and must be stated on all tax returns and any other documents used for the purpose of a tax law.

Under what circumstances will URA reject a TIN

Did you know that URA can refuse to register and issue a TIN to an applicant if the Commissioner is not satisfied with the applicant’s identity or the applicant does not meet the requirements for registration? In such a case, the Commissioner must serve the applicant with written notice of the decision refusal of registration within fourteen days.

The Commissioner can also cancel a TIN if one applies for cancellation or on the Commissioner’s own motion, if the TIN was issued to a taxpayer under an identity that is not the taxpayer’s identity or if that taxpayer has already been issued with a TIN that is still in force.

The current tax register has 2,634,062 registered taxpayers. This number is still not enough to fund the national budget for more than 40 million Ugandans. URA therefore calls upon every business owner to get a TIN number so that they can trade formally and make a worthy contribution to the development of Uganda.

What are the obligations once one registers for a TIN?

It is the taxpayer’s responsibility to ensure they voluntarily register with URA- file correct returns, customs entries or any other forms related to taxes and pay the correct tax at the right time.

As registered taxpayer, you are also required to comply with the taxation requirements and regulations and always make full disclosure of information and correct declaration of all transactions.

How does one acquire a TIN?

One can acquire a TIN either as an individual or non-individual (a company).

Application for a TIN is done online via URA ’s website

Before application, an individual needs the following identifications; a National ID, driver’s license and a passport.

Visit the URA website and then go to e-services, Click instant TIN, Fill in the required fields and click submit. Alternatively, the applicant may visit any of the URA offices or One-stop stations located in any of the Municipalities or KCCA division offices.