How Much It Cost To Host A Website In Uganda

How Much It Cost To Host A Website In Uganda

A website (also written as a web site) is a collection of web pages and related content that is identified by a common domain name and published on at least one web server.

How Much It Cost To Host A Website In Uganda

You have your website designed and ready to be hosted or you are in the design process . So what is the cost of hosting a website in Uganda? the question pops in your head .

First things first the cost of hosting a website largely depend on company to company but also on features that the host provide in each package. Today am going to help you know what you need to host your website and I will make comparisons on prices for different web hosting companies.

Web hosting process

1. You need a domain name first. 

To host a website you need a domain for example where ” yourbusiness ” is the business or organisation name

Domain Name Prices

Domain ExtensionPrice
.com40,000 ugx
.net50,000 ugx
.org50,000 Ugx
.website15,000 ugx
.biz30,000 Ugx
.UG120,000 Ugx
.co.ug120,000 Ugx
.com.ug120,000 Ugx

2. You need  Hosting space. 

Web hosting space commonly referred to as server space is where you upload website files. Without hosting space you cannot access the website.  

Web Hosting Service Prices

Package NamePackage PricePeriodSpace
Bronze35,000 ugxFirst Year512 MBS
Silver50,000 ugxYearly2GB
Gold70,000 ugxYearly5GB
Platinum100,000 ugxYearly8GB
Diamond200,000 ugxyearly20GB

3. You need an SSL certificate. 

Though not mandatory SSL certificate is important for today’s online browsing.  SSL encrypts data during communication. More importantly for websites that have online payments.

Here at webhosting256, we give free SSL starting with Gold hosting package 

SSL certificate Prices

SSL packagePrice
PositiveSSL Certificates50,000 Ugx
Comodo Essential SSL100,000 Ugx
Comodo Instant SSL140,000 Ugx
Essential SSL Wildcard320,000 Ugx

So in a nutshell, if you go for the .com extension which is 40,000 ugx and the cheapest web hosting package, then the total amount is 75000 ugx .

However, if you go for a Gold with free SSL and .org extension then the total is 120,000 ugx.  and so on depending on what you choose.

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