How Much It Cost To Transfer A Land Title In Uganda

How Much It Cost To Transfer A Land Title In Uganda

A title is simply a legal document that shows legal ownership to a property and grants a person, or persons exclusive use and possession meaning you can build on the land.

How Much It Cost To Transfer A Land Title In Uganda

Land in Uganda is one of the hot fashionable areas aka hot cake since everyday which goes and comes by, many people are either buying and or selling land, and which calls for transfers of titles, deeds and others related. Therefore, having knowledge on how things work out is the very best thing one need to know since it can save in addition to making things easier and all processes faster.


Total fees may go up to 47500/= and 67500 for companies. The fees is broken down as below.

  • Search and Consent Fee – UGX 25,000 /= (UGX 10,000 search fee + UGX 2,500 bank fee, UGX 10,000 Consent fee + UGX 2,500 bank fee)
  • Companies Registry a Special Resolution – UGX 20,000/= (When the transaction involves companies, they must file with the companys registry a special resolution authorizing the transaction, which costs)
  • Registration Fee – UGX 22,500 (UGX 20,000 in fees + 2,500 bank fee).

Check How T o Transfer a Land Title in Uganda

Step 1

The Applicant must have in his/her possession fully completed set of Transfer forms which include a Transfer form and two Consent forms, A photocopy of the duplicate certificate of title and two authentic Passport photographs of the buyer and seller.

Step 2

The Applicant presents the documents to the Valuation Division for valuation assessment for Stamp duty. The Applicant checks with the Valuation Division within a period of 3 working days to pick the form and proceed to pay stamp duty and registration fees in the Bank. Stamp duty is 1% of the value of the land.

Assessment for payment of Registration fees is done by the respective District Cashiers.

Step 3

Pay the fess in the Bank, get a receipt and your Transfer form embossed. Submit all documentation together with the Duplicate Certificate of Title, receipts and photocopies of all documents to the Mailo Registry.

Step 4

The photocopy is stamped ‘Received’. The applicant is asked to check after 10 working days.

Step 5

The Applicant presents identification documents and the Photocopies to collect the Duplicate Certificate of Title.

The applicant signs for the Title and the Photocopy is stamped ‘Returned’ on completion.

Documents required: Duplicate Certificate of Title, set of Passport photographs, embossed Transfer form and consent form and General receipts of Payment.

Fees paid: Stamp duty- 1% of the value of the land; and Registration fees –UGX 22,500 (UGX 20,000 in fees + 2,500 bank fee).