How To Become A Refugee In Uganda

Who Is A Refugee?

A refugee, generally speaking, is a displaced person who has crossed national borders and who cannot or is unwilling to return home due to well-founded fear of persecution. 

How To Become A Refugee In Uganda?

Required Documents

Valid Identification documents from your home country e.g. ID card, driver licence.

Education certificate.

Letter of support.

Valid passport.

Marriage certificate.

Birth certificate.

How Does Uganda Deal With Refugees?

Refugees have the right to work and freedom of movement, thanks to Uganda’s 2006 Refugee Act and 2010 Refugee Regulations, which provide a strong legal and regulatory framework for refugee rights. Refugees have the right to the same social services as Ugandans, including health care and free primary education.

Where Do Most Refugees In Uganda Come From?

As of June 2022, Uganda hosted over 1.5 million refugees. Of the total, around 60 percent came from neighboring South Sudan. The Democratic Republic of the Congo ranked as the second leading origin of refugees living in Uganda.

Does Uganda Accept Refugees?

Uganda has received over 35,000 new arrivals fleeing war and persecution in South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) since January 2022. This is in addition to the 1.5 million refugees already hosted in the country, making Uganda Africa’s largest refugee hosting country.

What Are The Rights Of Refugees In Uganda?

Under the Refugees Act of 2006, Uganda’s asylum policies uphold key rights, including freedom of movement and expression. The Government favours a settlement approach, whereby land is provided to refugees in order to help them become self-reliant. However, UNHCR continues to have protection concerns.

What Are The Major Problems Faced By Refugees In Uganda?

Difficulties finding adequate housing. Difficulties finding employment. Loss of community support. Lack of access to resources.

Can Refugees Own Land In Uganda?

In Uganda, refugees can not own land, as with all non-citizens. However, the Ugandan government allocates 50 square meters of land to each refugee family that arrives in Uganda to live and grow food. However, the refugee influx to Uganda is contributing to a land crisis, according to the World Food Programme (WFP).

What Is The Biggest Refugee Camp In Uganda?

Bidi Bidi Refugee Settlement




Why Do Refugees Go To Uganda?

The vast influx of refugees is due to several factors in Uganda’s neighboring countries, especially war and violence in South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo), and associated economic crisis and political instability in the region.

How Do I Get A Refugee Card In Uganda?

Steps to apply for Uganda Travel Document

The refugee who is applying for an Uganda travel document will have to travel or visit the Uganda ministry of the immigration office. Or you can also visit the regional Uganda immigration department. Applicants have to collect the application form for the travel document.

How Long Is Refugee Resettlement In Uganda?

Departure. Refugees are assisted to travel into the receiving country, usually by airplane. From being selected for resettlement to actually arriving in the US, it usually takes between 18–24 months.

How Many Refugee Settlements Are There In Uganda?

The refugees are hosted in 13 settlements (Adjumani1, Bidibidi, Imvepi, Kiryandongo, Kyaka II, Kyangwali, Lobule, Nakivale, Oruchinga, Palabek, Palorinya, Rhino Camp and Rwamwanja), in addition to the urban refugees in Kampala.

Who Is Responsible For Refugees In Uganda?

The Ministry of Disaster Preparedness and Refugees is a cabinet-level government ministry of Uganda. The ministry is responsible for the coordination of all refugee matters in the country. It is also responsible for national preparedness for disasters, including floods, landslides, earthquakes, droughts, and famine.