How To Buy Shares In Uganda

What Is Share?

A share is a single unit of ownership in a company. It is one of the equal parts into which a company’s capital is divided, entitling the holder to a proportion of the profits. When an individual buys shares, he or she buys a stake in a business. Companies mostly sell shares because they need to raise capital.

How to become a shareholder: 

Looking to buy shares and become a shareholder in any listed company on the Uganda Securities Exchange? You have to visit one of the licensed stock brokerage firms and open a Security Central Depositary (SCD) Account. The licensed stock brokerage firms include custodian banks such as

  • Stanbic Bank Uganda Ltd
  • Housing Finance Bank Ltd
  • Kenya Commercial Bank Uganda Ltd
  • Standard Chartered Bank Ltd
  • Bank of Africa Ltd

The core mandate of the SCD is to provide centralized depository, clearing and settlement services for the Ugandan equity and debt markets. The SCD account is free and there are no monthly or annual charges. To open an SCD account, you need:

  • A valid ID (preferably national ID for Ugandans)
  • 3 passport photos.

How do you buy Shares in Uganda?

As an investor wishing to buy shares through the USE, you must approach your stock broker and express your desire to buy shares of a given listed company. Your Stock broker will provide you with details of the trust account specifically opened by the stock brokers to keep investor’s money intended for USE transactions.

You will then deposit the money of any amount into the trust account. It is a requirement of the USE that for local orders, payment is made upfront by the investor. Your stock broker will then post the order (bid) on the Automated Trading System (ATS) during trading hours.

When the bid matches an offer (an order to sell) by either the same stock broker or other stock brokers, then the transaction is considered to have been concluded. Your Stock broker will then credit the shares to your SCD account.

Now that you know how to buy shares in Uganda, pick up your shareholder party hat and walk to a stock brokerage firm of your choice.

How can I buy MTN shares in Uganda?

  1. Dial *165*65#
  2. Select 2 for Apply for MTN Shares.
  3. Select 1 for Apply for MTN Shares ‘For Self’
  4. Select 1 to confirm your SCD Account details.
  5. Select number of shares to apply for ‘For example, select 1 to Apply for ‘500 shares @UGX 100,000’
  6. Enter your MoMo PIN.

Uganda Securities Exchange Share Prices

CompanyPrice% ChangeValueVolumeYTD %SectorUpdated
Umeme180.00+5.883,384,00018,800-4.76EnergyMar 09, 2022
Stanbic26.06+0.231,164,95044,700+0.23BankingMar 09, 2022
Centum440.65+0.0900-68.40InvestmentMar 09, 2022
MTN180.05+0.0329,446,550163,550-7.66TechnologyMar 09, 2022
Bank of Baroda90.000.0000-5.76BankingMar 09, 2022
BAT15,000.000.0000-50.00AgriculturalMar 09, 2022
DFCU564.000.0000-2.76BankingMar 09, 2022
New Vision160.000.0000-40.07Paper & PackagingMar 09, 2022
Cipla90.000.0000-2.17PharmaceuticalsMar 09, 2022
National Insurance5.100.00000.00InsuranceMar 09, 2022
Uganda Clays23.000.002,447,200106,400+76.92Building & AssociatedMar 09, 2022
EA Breweries5,012.390.00000.00BeveragesMar 09, 2022
Equity Bank1,597.360.00000.00BankingMar 09, 2022
Kenya Airways120.550.00000.00TransportMar 09, 2022
Nation Media637.370.00000.00Paper & PackagingMar 09, 2022
KCB1,413.23-5.9800-5.98BankingMar 09, 2022