How To Certify Academic Documents In Uganda

What Is Certify Academic Documents?

All copies of Certificates and Academic Transcripts presented as proof of attainment of entry requirements for a particular qualification must be certified by an Advocate and Commissioner for Oaths (for Uganda citizens), an Advocate and Notary Public (for foreigners) OR the issuing University/Institution.

How To Certify Academic Documents In Uganda

Below is How To Certify Academic Documents In Uganda

Get a confirmation letter from school (O and A levels) and University/Tertiary institute (always
get the school to attach your photo on this letter, so have passport size photos with you.)

  • A BIG NOTE: For degree/diploma attestation, ALWAYS make attestation for Degree certificate, Transcripts, AND bonafide letter from University. These three documents MUST be attested.

Present the letter from secondary school to UNEB for verification of O and A level certificates.
Verification from UNEB is done online.
Access the UNEB Portal at and follow the necessary steps to attach your documents (letter from school and certificate copy/ies).
Then proceed to make the required payments as indicated. each certificate to verified incurs a 50k charge, payable via mobile money.
Once payments have been made, present the invoice you receive to UNEB head office in Ntinda to receive your certified letter/s.

3️⃣For university documents (degree, transcripts and bonafide letter):
Have the copies of the transcript and certificate verified first by the University. Then proceed and present them to National Council for Higher Education.
(copies of the letter from high school, UNEB verified letter/s, verified transcript and certificate are what NCHE receives and issues you with a certified letter, after payment of 300k payable in the bank).

UNEB and NCHE will send their confirmation to Ministry of Education and then the process will proceed with Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Uganda) which will give the final stamp of attestation (NB: attestation is only done on photocopies not originals!)
Present copies and their originals to MOFA. And proceed to make payments in the back after receiving a code to pay to from MoFA.

The bonfide letter received from the University must be addressed to the PS MoFA for it to be verified.

Present the Attested documents after Ministry of Foreign Affairs to The Embassy of Uganda in your country of residence e.g. Qatar.

Ugandan Embassy In Qatar

Then make the Final attestation at the MOFA Qatar (usually located in any government service center like Al Hilal, Al Rayyan, Abu Hamour, etc). For University documents, The Qatar government needs all 3 documents Attested (Degree, Transcript and bonafide Letter)

  • Also make attestation for any document in the same way, such as marriage certificate.
  • The Embassy of Uganda in Qatar ONLY attests to documents which have been attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Uganda.

How do I certify academic documents in Ubteb?

  1. Scan the original academic documents to be certified.
  2. Make payments to the bank account:
  3. Submit the scanned documents and proof of payment to email;

How do I self attest a certificate?

Self Attestation can be done simply by affixing your signature on the photocopy of a document. Make sure that the signature is prominent and touching any area of the copied matter. If there are more than one sheets, sign on all the sheets separately. Write the words ‘true copy’ in order to make it appear authentic.


Our rate is UGX 10,000 per document. Payment can be made at any Stanbic Bank branch.