How To Earn Money Online In Uganda

What Is Earn Money Online?

Make money online through websites such as Upwork, Fiverr and These sites offer opportunities to do a variety of freelance jobs, such as writing, programming, design, marketing, data entry and being a virtual assistant.

Here Is How To Earn Money online In Uganda

Making Money Online in Uganda: In this ever changing world, it is always important for you to think outside the box and not rely on a single income or even rely on your formal job. Let’s face it, the world is increasingly becoming expensive and we would all love to live a certain life style. Unfortunately, not many of us can afford the lifestyle we would like to have, at least not with single formal employment. The fact that there is a high rate of unemployment today does not help the situation and this goes for both the educated and the uneducated alike.

This, therefore calls for ways of how to make extra money to increase your income base. One of the ways that you could make some extra money is online. However, the question would be how you go about making some money online, especially given that the World Wide Web is filled with con artists and some not so honest jobs. Contrary to what you might think, it is actually possible for you to make money online without necessarily doing illegal or immoral things. Below are some of the legit ways of making money online in Uganda that have been tried and tested.

Article Or Content Writing and Rewriting

Writing is not only reserved for journalists but can be done by all who have a passion for it. If you love to read, then I guarantee that you can write as well, or at least you can learn to do so. There are a number of legitimate sites online that connect article writers to those who would like content to be written for them. Not that you will get a highly paying job as soon as you start, but like all things in life, your reputation will speak for itself. Slowly build a clientele and in a short time, you will have so much work to do, that you may not be able to finish it all. Some of the sites that you could start with are and among others. You could also look out for some blogs that are looking for paid content.

Affiliate Marketing

Sell other people’s products online and make money. Affiliate marketing is that simple. If you have your own products, you could sell those but if you don’t, all you might need to do is pay a small fee to access other people’s content and start marketing it or selling it on their behalf to earn a commission.

How To Start Your Own Website/Blog?

You need not have a degree in computer engineering or programming to start your own website. There is so much content online as to how to start your own website right from choosing a domain to templates and design. Create your own website, post attractive or good content, get visitors and start earning money. However, for this to be a viable income generating activity, you need to employ some bit of creativity. Create a website that has content which will attract as many visitors as possible. Remember that the more traffic you receive on the site, the higher your earnings.

How Surveys and Reviews Are Done?

There are several websites online that offer payment for surveys and reviews of different products and services. You might be required to write reviews about certain products or take surveys on them. However, it will also require you to supply certain information to that website for example your credit card information or banking details. It might also require that you purchase the products or try out the services for you to be able to offer a proper input as to their quality. However, it is of utmost importance that you be careful when supplying your bank details since they can be used by fraudsters to rob you. In other words, only deal with websites that are genuine and remember that if a site is offering money that seems too good to be true, it probably could be a scam.

What Is Virtual Assistantship?

It is possible for you to work from home and work as a virtual assistant to businesses or companies that need help doing things like answering phones, responding to emails, data input and any other administrative support. You will most likely work with businesses that are too busy to do the work themselves and are looking for a work force that is not too expensive yet effective at the same time. We could choose to do this as a solo or make a company and partner with other virtual assistants especially if you are looking to dealing with big companies that might have loads of work. You too do not want to be overwhelmed and seem ineffective in the work given.

How Data Entry Is Done?

Many may argue that automation is threatening this kind of work today but I assure you there is still lots of data that needs to be entered in many companies in the world. This is one of the easiest jobs you can do online since it doesn’t require any special skill other than having a good typing speed and dedication. So if you get a data entry job, take it not for granted but do it effectively and it could bring for you some good money.

How Gaming And Betting IS Done?

Gambling is also another thing that you could look into, though it is often best that this is combined with another job all together. For you to benefit from gaming, you need to do it responsibly and also understand the kind of game you intend to invest in. For example, if you are a football fan and understand the game and teams well, you are probably best placed to focus on betting on football than going into say, horse racing.

The ways of making money online at home are endless and it is not possible to exhaust all of them in one single article or go. But whatever you try, remember that like all other jobs, you may have to start small and slowly grow your business. You could choose to do online work as full time or simply take it on on a part time basis as a way of earning some extra money. Whatever you decide, the work is out there and you need only go out and search for it.

How Do Online Surveys Make Money In Uganda?

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Join Triaba Panel Uganda and receive online paid surveys. Sign up to Triaba Survey Panel Uganda and receive online paid surveys. Join Triaba Uganda, answer surveys and earn money online. Get paid from $ 0.13 to $ 2.25 for each paid online survey you complete.

How Online Jobs That Pay Through Mobile Money In Uganda?

The internet has created many opportunities for Ugandans. Ugandans can work online and get paid through mobile money. Online jobs are flexible since you can work from the comfort of your home. You can also work part-time as you go online with your daily activities. You could be wondering, how can I make money online in Uganda? This is how to make money online and get paid through MTM mobile money.


Freelancing is a common way to make money online and get paid through mobile money in Uganda. There are many freelancing websites you can sign up on and get started.

Selling Products Online in Uganda

Duka is a Ugandan online market that matches buyers and sellers. Vendors can freely create, manage and share their shops online and buyers can order online by browsing stores and products closest to them.


Bogging is a great way to make money online and get paid through mobile money. Uganda has a lot of opportunities to blog about. You need to find an interesting topic to blog and then launch your website.

Online Surveys

You can get paid through mobile money by taking part in online surveys in Uganda. Most online surveys pay through mobile money or airtime. You need to sign up on platforms that administer surveys when there is an opportunity, you will be sent a notification.

Social Media Influencing

Social media influencers have become a great way for brands to advertise. Many social media influencers are generating huge revenues by promoting brands. To start social media influencing in Uganda, you need to have a huge following on social media.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is another way to work online and get paid through mobile money in Uganda. There are many eCommerce sites in Uganda that will pay you for every affiliate sale you make. eCommerce stores that pay for affiliate marketing through mobile money in Uganda include Duka, Dondolo Shop Online, and Jumia (sales consultant program known as JFORCE). You need to have a platform like a blog or social media channel to get started with affiliate marketing.

YouTube Channel

You can start a YouTube channel in Uganda and use it to make money online. You can apply to have ads placed on your YouTube channel. You get paid for the number of views your videos generate. As such, you need to generate significant revenues to make enough money on YouTube. Once you have earned money online through YouTube, you can withdraw money using platforms like PayPal and MTN Uganda.