How To Know My Tin Number In Uganda

What Is Tin Number?

A TIN is a unique ten-digit identifying number allocated by the Uganda ​Revenue Authority to prospective Taxpayers to enable them to meet their tax obligations. The TIN is a legal requirement and it applies to all taxpayers regardless of their tax transactions.

Procedure For Your Tin Number In Uganda

A tax identification Number, or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, is a tax processing number only available for certainTaxpayers and their representatives should review and fill the Application form before requesting for Tax identification number at Uganda Revenue Authority offices. Authorized representatives for Certifying Acceptance Agents are required to complete tax identification form and submit the original certificate of completion . Some of the information below, including the documentation requirements for individuals seeking an Tax identification Number,

  • Title
    • You may enter your formal title.
  • Name
    • Enter the required names
  • Each taxpayer should have only a single TIN number. if a sole trader who owns a number of business entities or a company with several branches, an individual who is a shareholder / director in more than one company. If you previously had a number or you applied for one but it was never issued,then you have to complete form DT-1001 then fill and enter the number on Line 9a and the approximate date when you obtained it on Line 9b. This is required in order for the URA to link your old and new accounts and assure that you get uninterrupted service including any credits you are entitled to.
  • If you previously got one
    • Schedule 4 on page 3. Completing this information will help the URA locate the prior number for you.
  • If you have an established post office box where you regularly received and pick up mail, please list down so that all your Important notices about your tax filing will be sent to you at that box number.
  • Provide information adequate to accurately describe the location of your home. If some of the categories do not apply, just leave them blank. You must complete the information even if you have listed a post office box number in item 9,12, 13 and 14)
  • Birth and citizenship.

The Requested Information For Your Tin Number In Uganda

  • If you are a citizen of Uganda, leave this line blank. If you are a citizen of a country other than Uganda, provide the required in formation.
  • Normally minors under the age of 18 are not issued a TIN. In exceptional cases if one is needed , tick the box and then provided the requested information in Schedule A.
  • If you have ever been known by any name other than your current name or the maiden name listed in Section A, box 4, you must tick the box and complete Schedule 2 on page 2.
  • Tick the relevant boxes to indicate your reason(s) for applying for a TIN. If you tick VAT, Local Excise or Gaming and Pool Betting Registration, you MUST complete an additional registration form and attach a copy. VAT Registration
  • Identification Documents
    • Enter the number of each form of identification you have and follow the instructions as stated. Any proof of identity document that has expired or is due to expire in 1 month period from the date of application shall not be accepted.
  • Identification Documents
    • If you have business interests or investments in any Partnership, corporation or Trust, tick the appropriate box and complete the required information
  • Sources of Income and Type of Business Activity
    • The Uganda Revenue Authority needs to know your various sources of income in order to properly establish your account.
    • If you have Employment and/or property income, check one of these boxes.
    • If you have income from a business activity, tick this box and complete a through k.
    • Note that if your business address is the same as the address you entered in Section A of this form, you can tick the box in 3c and skip d through k.
    • If your business is operated out of any other locations, you must tick the box and complete Form DT-1014. If you operate out of multiple locations, you may need to attach more than one copy of Form DT-1014.

If your business is authorized to with-hold tax from employees, suppliers or interest, you may be required to register for Withholding Tax. If so, tick the box on line 8 and complete Schedule C3 on page 3 of the Application Form.
The Uganda Revenue Authority needs to determine the type of business activity you perform. Describe it in the detail you feel necessary.

Apply Online For Your Tin Number In Uganda

  1. one has to visit the official Uganda Revenue Authority website.
  2. Browse to option Download Online Forms
    1. If an individual, one has to download the e-tax form DT-1001.
    2. For non individual one has to download form DT-1002
    3. Start filling in the details require.
    4. Click on the register for taxes, individual or non-individual depending on the forms you downloaded.
    5. Fill, scroll and select new form in the drop down menu and follow all prompts to upload form
    6. Upon successfully uploading the forms.

You will be receive an auto generated email notifying you how your forms have been successfully submitted. After about 48 hours you should visit any nearest Uganda Revenue Authority office and hand in your manual printed forms for verification., a new TIN will be issued accordingly after verifying the documents you submitted as will be directed by the Uganda Revenue Authority staff.

Eligibility For Your Tin Number In Uganda

A TIN is issued by the Uganda Revenue Authority to every taxpayer in accordance with section 135(1) of the ITA and section 50(1) of the VAT Act. Everyone who is employed or involved in any type of income producing activity where income tax,VAT or other taxes are due must have a TIN. Any one involved in the registration/transfer of a motor vehicle Any one involved in transfer of land. Every form, notice, return or other document either from a taxpayer or from the Commissioner General shall bear a TIN. If you need the TIN for ONLY reporting income received from employment or the registration/ transfer of a motor vehicle or land transfer, you are not required to complete section D and S It is mandatory for tax payers to have a Tax Identification Number from Uganda Revenue Authority and a TIN is required if one is going to enact a government tax.

Validity For Your Tin Number In Uganda

It has no expiry date A new TIN is NOT needed but you should file form DT-1002 to amend or update the information provided in the form.

Processing Time For Your Tin Number In Uganda

How long will the process take? The process can take between 3 and 30 days depending on what part of the country you live in. When you submit your application the Uganda Revenue Authority representative will tell you when it should be ready.

Instructions For Your Tin Number In Uganda

One has to login to the Uganda Revenue Authority website or visit the offices of Uganda Revenue Authority to obtain a Tax Identification Number.

Required Information For Tin Number In Uganda

  1. Full names, parents names
  2. date
  3. plot number
  4. street number
  5. building name
  6. trading center
  7. district
  8. city
  9. country
  10. sub country
  11. village
  12. nationality
  13. phone number
  14. physical address
  15. signature
  16. Email
  17. occupation
  18. ID type.

Information Needed For Your Tin Number Document

In Uganda a TIN Number which is known as the Tax Identification Number is a number which is used by tax payers when it comes to paying things like government taxes for example motor vehicle registration taxes, insurance taxes, Import and Export taxes, Value Added Taxes (VAT), Company Taxes, Operational Taxes and many others.

Information Which Might Help For Your Tin Number In Uganda

Where do I file? – This form should be filed with your local Uganda Revenue Authority office. For directions to the office closest to you, contact the Uganda Revenue Authority toll free at 0800117000.Additional penalties for providing false information are provided under other sections of the law. For additional information you can consult the Registration and Deregistration guideline on form DT-1001.

Office Locations & Contacts For Your Tin Number In Uganda

URA Headquaters: Plot M193/M194,
Nakawa Industrial Area,
P.O. Box 7279, Kampala
Phone: +256 414744000,
0800117000 (toll free)

How Do I Know My TIN Number?

Call the BIR hotlines

If the first two methods of retrieving your TIN didn’t work, you’ll need to request it directly from the BIR. Here are the BIR numbers to call for recovering your TIN: Trunkline: 8981-7000 / 8929-7676. Customer Assistance Division: 8981-7003 / 8981-7020 / 8981-7030 / 8981-7040 / 8981-7046.

How Can I Get My TIN Number Online In Uganda?

Apply Online

One has to visit the official Uganda Revenue Authority website. If an individual, one has to download the e-tax form DT-1001. Start filling in the details require. Click on the register for taxes, individual or non-individual depending on the forms you downloaded

How Can I Get My TIN Number Online?

Online TIN Application for Employees Can Only Be Done by the Employer. The only way to get your new TIN for employees is via your employer. They are the only ones who can do this. This can be done by creating an account in BIR eReg here.

How Can I Get TIN Number Online?

TIN Registration Process for Individuals

  1. STEP 1: Visit the verification portal – Joint Tax Board.
  2. STEP 2: Select your date of birth.
  3. STEP 3: Select your preferred search criteria (BVN, NIN or registered number) from the drop-down menu.
  4. STEP 4: Enter the digit of the search criteria you selected in the previous step.

How Much Is A TIN Number In Uganda?

The Tax Identification Number (TIN) is a 10-digit number that works as your identity when meeting tax obligations. Like a bank account number, the TIN acts as an account number for a taxpayer with URA. It is issued at every URA service center using the authority’s online platform at no cost.

Can I Get My TIN Number In One Day?

If you already have a TIN number and are actively paying taxes, you can just head to your company’s RDO and request a TIN ID. An authorized personnel will verify your taxpayer status and process your ID within the day. Read more: Simple Steps on How to Get PhilHealth ID.