How To Load Lycamobile Data In Uganda

What Is Load Lycamobile Data?

Lycamobile is a British mobile virtual network operator operating in 60 countries.

How To Buy LycaMobile Data Bundles In Uganda Using Mobile Money

  1. Dial *252#
  2. Select Airtime and Bundles (option 6)
  3. Then Choose, Internet Bundles (option 2)
  4. Select Lyca Mobile (option 3)
  5. Enter your Lyca Mobile Number
  6. Then, Choose between Daily, Weekly and Monthly Data Bundles (Options 1-3)
  7. Select your Preferred Data Bundle
  8. Then, Proceed, and authorize Payment with your Mobile Money PIN
  9. Done: Your LycaMobile Data will be loaded to your account

How To Buy LycaMobile Data Bundles In Uganda Using Airtime

  1. Dial *100# using your Lyca Mobile SIM
  2. From the list, Select Internet Bundles
  3. Then, choose between Daily, Voice and Monthly Bundles
  4. Select your preferred package
  5. Then, approve purchase using your Airtime Balance

Lycamobile Uganda Data Bundles In Uganda

In a summary, these are the Lycamobile Uganda offers and plans.

UG Super20GBUgx 10,000
UG Mega50GBUgx 25,000
UG Student100GBUgx 30,000
UG Giga100GBUgx 45,000

Lycamobile Uganda Data Bundles (Monthly Offerings)

PlanDataInternational MinutesLyca to Lyca MinsNational TextLyca to Lyca TextPrice
UG Super20GBUnlimitedUnlimited5050Ugx 10,000
UG Mega50GBUnlimitedUnlimited5050Ugx 25,000
UG Student100GBUnlimitedUnlimited100100Ugx 30,000
UG Giga100GBUnlimitedUnlimited100100Ugx 45,000

Lycamobile Uganda Data Bundles (Weekly Packages)

PLANDATAInternational MinutesLyca to Lyca MinsNational TextLyca to Lyca TextPRICE
Mix S5045000

How Do I Check My Uganda Lycamobile Balance?

To check your Lycamobile balance simply dial *131# and you will be in a position to see your current balance.The Lycamobile Uganda data bundles are definitely a game-changer in the telecom industry.

Most Frequently Asked Questions & Answers Lycamobile

How much is Uganda’s Lycamobile SIM Card?

SMS, voice and data plans are available for Lycamobile. Pricing is eye-catching, which is not surprising for a newcomer. For calls, for example, they charge 3 UGX per second on the Lycamobile network. 

For text messages, they charge 65 UGX per SMS with the network and 99 UGX per SMS for other networks. The price of the SIM card is UGX 10,000 (but its always changing, check their official website for updated rates).

How do I check my Uganda Lycamobile airtime or data balance?

You can always check your airtime or data bundle balance by dialling 131 or entering *131# via Lycamobile.

How to pay OTT at Lycamobile Uganda?

Paying for OTT at Lycamobile Uganda is very easy, just follow the simple steps below.

  1. Dial * 252 # at MTN Uganda
  2. Select Option 6 (Airtime and Bundles)
  3. Then, Option 2 (Internet Bundles)
  4. Choose Option 3 (Lycamobile)
  5. Enter your number.
  6. Then, choose between Option 4 & 5 (weekly and monthly OTT)
  7. Continue to pay with your MTN mobile money (confirm with a PIN).