How To Make Compost Manure In Uganda

What Is Compost Manure?

Compost, or synthetic manure, is basically a mass of rotted organic matter made from waste-plant residues.Compost can be prepared on a small scale for home gardens, usually in a simple pile of yard waste and kitchen scraps, though compost bins and barrels are also used.

Many vegetable gardeners swear by the benefits of manure as a fertilizer. Adding manure to soil improves the soil’s texture and water-holding capacity while providing nutrients needed by growing plants. Unfortunately, fresh manure can also contain bacteria that can contaminate vegetables and cause human disease.

Process Of Making compost manure

Pot Composting

  1. First, segregate your household waste into dry and wet in your kitchen.
  2. Secondly, put both these wastes in two different containers in the kitchen.
  3. Then add dry leaves of the same quantity as the waste and semi-composted material, buttermilk or cow dung to start with the decomposition process.

How Long Does It Take To Compost Manure?

The process of composting and stabilizing manure usually takes around six months, notes University of Minnesota Extension. The first step, building a compost pile and allowing it to heat, can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks.

How Much Compost Do I Add To My Soil?

The general rule of thumb is 1/4 to 1/2 inch if applying to the top of the soil and 1 to 2 inches amended to 6 to 8 inches when amending into the soil. Recommended maximums are 25% to 30% compost in a soil blend, but no more than 25% compost in containers or raised beds.

Prices of Compost Manure In Uganda

A kilogramme of the dry compost manure sold at the plant costs 100 Ugandan shillings

The Difference Between Compost And Cow Manure

Compost consists of decomposed plant material while composted manure is decomposed animal feces that have been heated sufficiently through the composting process to remove harmful pathogens. Composted manure contains lots of nitrogen and is also a good source of other nutrients like phosphorous and potassium.

The Materials Used To Make a Compost Manure

The topsoil contains bacteria which are useful in the decomposition process. Add more layers in turn, starting with dry vegetative materials, then animal manure or biogas slurry, followed by wood ash, green vegetation and topsoil. Remember to sprinkle water on every layer.The most common raw materials used to make compost are yard wastes such as grass clippings, leaves, weeds, and small prunings from shrubs and trees.

  • Browns – This includes materials such as dead leaves, branches, and twigs.
  • Greens – This includes materials such as grass clippings, vegetable waste, fruit scraps, and coffee grounds.

The Things Needed To Make Compost

Four ingredients are required for fast-cooking hot compost: Nitrogen, carbon, air, and water. Together, these items feed microorganisms, which speed up the process of decay.

Ways And Means of Mixing Compost Into Soil

To get a 20 percent mix of compost to soil, you mix four containers of soil to one container of compost. This would make a soil that contains approximately 20 percent compost. A 20 to 50 percent soil blend would be the best mixture to use for pots on a deck or patio, since potted plants tend to dry out quickly.

How Do I Compost Manure For My Garden?

Spread composted manure in your garden in small amounts, about one-fourth to one-half inches deep. Thicker applications up to 1 inch deep might be justified in poor soil with low organic matter. To prevent pollution, store compost away from water sources and cover the pile with plastic when you expect heavy rain.

How Do You Make Compost Manure From Cow Dung?

How good compost are prepared?

  1. Make slurry of the cattle dung with water.
  2. Prepare 6” layer of organic wastes – plant residues, sweepings from the cattle shed, waste fodder, dried plants stalks and leaves etc.
  3. Cover with the layer with urine earth and cattle dung slurry.

How Do You Make Compost Manure Using The Pit Method?


Dig four pits labelled A, B, C and D. of equal size (1m * 1m * 0.5m). Arrange the materials for making compost in layer separated by soil in pit A (Loading pit) and wet with water for easy decomposition. After two weeks, move the content of pit A to B (first turn).

How Can We Speed Up The Decomposition Of The Compost Heap?

How To Speed Up Composting

  1. Make a larger pile. The way your organic waste turns into nutrient-rich fertiliser for your plants is with heat.
  2. Have the proper ratio of brown materials to green materials.
  3. Shred everything.
  4. Turn your pile over and aerate.
  5. Keep your pile moist.
  6. A few more fast composting tips: