How To Register A Born Again Church In Uganda

What Is A Born Again Church?

A Christian who has experienced a distinct, dramatic conversion to faith in Jesus, especially a member of certain Protestant groups that stress this experience. The expression recalls words of Jesus in the Gospels: “Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.

How To Register A Born Again Church In Uganda

The council was established in 2001 to bring together different religious denominations to address issues of common interest. It’s affiliated to the World Council of Religions for Peace (WCRP) and the African Council of Religious leaders (ACRL).

In Uganda, its membership is comprised of Muslims, Orthodox, Catholic, Anglican and Seventh-day Adventists.Pastor Joseph Sserwadda told a news conference in Kampala that the development means that they have attained a status to register Pentecostal churches.

He said that they have been lobbying government to stop registering Pentecostal churches as charities because government doesn’t have the ability to vet pastors.“

All pastors who want to register Churches should now come to us if they want an operating license.

All those who will register them as Non-governmental organizations (NGO’S) and the ministry of internal affairs will do it at their own risk,” he said.

Sserwadda said registering churches as NGO’s is the reason why there is an increasing number of fake pastors in the country.

Leaders of the born-again Federation while praying at Mandela National stadium asked the Inter-religious council to recognize them as a distinct faith and also requested that churches be stopped from operating as NGO’s.

Licensing A Public Place Of Worship In Uganda

An Application letter addressed to the Honorable Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs (MOIJA), through the Registrar General from the church clearly indicating the religious denomination, Location and whether the church is an affiliate of an already registered church, a recommendation letter from the mother church.

The legal entity under which the church is operating (Certified copy of the certificate of Registration as a Company by Guarantee or NGO or Trust).

Proof of Ownership of Land or rights to the land.

A place of public worship (a permanent structure) Physical photographs of the church i.e. interior and exterior Recognized marriages celebrants and their valid identifications (Religious leaders like Pastors, Reverends, Priest and any clergy recognized by that faith).

Inspection Report from the Registrar of Marriages within the area. Evidence of payment of Ug. Shs 200,000/- into the consolidated fund (by way of receipt from the bank).

Submit the above stated letter, attachments and proof of payment to the Registrar General.

Collect the license from URSB after 5 working days.

Submit License to UPPC for a gazette.

Submit copy of Gazette to URSB (Civil Registry )Submit monthly returns to the Registrar of Marriages.

How do I register a church in Uganda?

An Application letter addressed to the Honorable Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs (MOIJA), through the Registrar General from the church clearly indicating the religious denomination, Location and whether the church is an affiliate of an already registered church.

How Much Does It Cost To Register A Church In Uganda?

The annual registration threshold is 150 million Uganda shillings (approximately Ugx 145752253.00) (Value Added Tax (Amendment) Act of 2015 Section 7(2)).

What Are The Requirements To Register A Church?

Gather the required supporting documents for your church.

Your church corporation’s articles of incorporation.

Your church’s bylaws.

Your Statement of Faith or Statement of Belief.

Any other documents listed on your application.

How Do I Register A Church Ministry?

Steps to Starting a New Ministry

Hone your idea.

Get organized.

Create your ministry’s founding documents.

Gather a board of directors.

Register and incorporate your ministry.

Apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN).

Investigate tax-exempt status.

File for tax-exempt status.

How Do I Register A Religious Organization In Uganda?

The person registering the NGO needs a letter written by the local council, one chairperson of their village, and stamps from other local government leaders—an expensive process.

Most of these offices will require a bribe to write and stamp the letter.

How Many Churches Are There In Uganda?

The number of born-again churches in Uganda has grown exponentially in the last decade. Today the country is estimated to have 40,000 born-again churches across the country.

How To Start A Church? A Checklist

Gain experience as a preacher.

Start a nonprofit and structure it accordingly.

Give your church a name, a mission statement, and bylaws.

Hire a lawyer, a finance team, and form a board of directors.

Build your congregation.

Develop and implement a fundraising strategy.

How Do You Write A Church Constitution?

Write the preamble, a short paragraph explaining the reasons for the constitution. Give a brief preview of what is to come in the document, and state what will be accomplished by having a constitution. Think of it as a purpose statement for the constitution. Document the church’s official name.

What Is The Difference Between A Church And A Ministry?

Generally speaking, a ministry is a functional subset often found within a church focused upon a specific task or function. Where a church will normally consist of and maintain many ministries, a ministry rarely crosses between churches.

How Do You Run A Successful Church Ministry?

Make Sure You’re Ready To Expand.

Plan for a Growing Physical Space.

Practice effective communication between leaders and congregants.

Encourage churchgoers to welcome change.

Grow your community presence.

Establishing a welcoming environment for all.