How To Register A Driving School In Uganda

What Is A Driving School?

Driver’s education, driver education, driving education, driver’s ed, or driving tuition or driving lessons is a formal class or program that prepares a new driver to obtain a learner’s permit or driver’s license. 

How To Register A Driving School In Uganda

If your school fulfils all the above requirements, go to the URA Portal( go to the TLB offices for tax assessment forms for Driving School License, Driving Instructor License and the Certificate of fitness for the vehicles. Pay in the bank and obtain receipts of payment.

How Much Is A Driving Course In Uganda?

How much does it cost to get a driving permit in Uganda? Processing full permit, On passing the driving test, the applicant will proceed to process the full permit: Present the stamped learner’s permit. Payment Slip of UGX 150,000 (for 3 years) or UGX 55,000 (for 1 year) for full permit payable to URA.

How Long Is A Driving Course In Uganda?

About 4 weeks
How long are the Driving Classes? The training takes about 4 weeks (One Month) theory and Practicals. Practical driving lessons are Monday –Friday for about 45 minutes each session and theory classes are every Saturday from 9am –Midday.

How Can I Grow My Driving School Business?

Driving School Marketing Tips – How to Find More Pupils

  1. Get a Driving School Website.
  2. Make Sure Your Contact Details Are Visible.
  3. Advertise Your Driving School on Google Ads.
  4. Leverage Social Media.
  5. Pay for Ads on Facebook.
  6. Consider Starting a Driving School YouTube Channel.
  7. Optimise Your Website with SEO.

How Do I Become Accredited Driving School In LTO?

General Requirements

  1. Duly Accomplished Application form.
  2. Valid Professional Driver’s License. a. Practical – 5 years holder. b.
  3. College Diploma/Transcript of Records. a. Practical – High School Graduate. b.
  4. Examination Result – Pass.
  5. Certification of no apprehension and alarm on file/case.
  6. Police/NBI Clearance.

How Much Is Uganda Driving Permit?

The fee depends on the type of driving licence you are applying for and its validity period. It is determined by whether you want to: Get a learner/provisional licence, or renew it. Get a new full driving licence.Get a new full driving licence.

ValidityPrice (UGX)
Three years230,000
One year135,000

How Much Is A Driving Permit In Uganda Today?

A one-year learner’s license costs UGX 60,000. A new driver’s license costs UGX 135k, UGX 230k, and UGX 330k for a period of 1, 3, and 5 years respectively, while driving license renewal costs UGX 130k, UGX 210, and 310k for a period of 1, 3, and 5 years respectively.

How Do I Learn How Do You Drive As A Beginner?

Driving tips for New Learners

  1. Get familiar with your car.
  2. Correct your seating position.
  3. Avoid distractions.
  4. Adjust your seat in regards to the pedals.
  5. Steering wheel position.
  6. Remember to use turn signals.
  7. Don’t over- speed.
  8. Maintain a considerable distance from other vehicles.

How Much Is Defensive Driving Course In Uganda?

Professional Defensive Driving3 DaysUgx 2470678.44
Motorcycle Operation Intro1 DayUgx 728761.27
Motorcycle Operation Intensive3 DaysUgx 2115185.13
Basic Maintenance1 DayNA

How Much Does It Cost To Be A Driving Instructor Uganda?

ADI registration and licence fees.

Fee typeCost
First ADI certificate (or ‘badge’)Ugx 1066479.90
Trainee driving instructor licenceUgx 497690.62
Renewal or re-registrationUgx 1066479.90

How Long Does It Take To Process A Driving Permit In Uganda?

This should take three to four days if you are processing a licence for the first time or adding a class. If you are renewing a lapsed licence, please allow for at least one week.

How Do I Get A Ugandan Driver’s Permit?

Download the application form from our website and complete it.Go to the URA website and pay the designated fee, which depends on the validity of the permit you need; UDLS issues licences valid for one, three, and five years. Payments can be made at any bank, via PayWay, or mobile money.

How Much Is Adding A Class In A Driving Permit In Uganda?

On passing the driving test, the applicant will proceed to face technologies to have his desired class added to his driving permit. Payment Slip of UGX 41,000 for class extension payable to URA. The applicant is verified and the class extension is processed. UGX 80,000 cash payable at the Face Technologies offices.

What Are The Classes Of Driving Licence In Uganda?

Group DL allows one to drive light omnibuses, Group DM to drive medium omnibuses, Group DH for heavy omnibuses, Group E for a combination of vehicles, Group F for pedestrian-controlled vehicles, Group G for engineering plant vehicles and Group I for hover vehicles.

What Is The Best Time To Learn Driving?

If you’re starting out learning to drive, have little experience or if it’s your first driving lesson, the best time to take a driving lesson is when the roads are at their quietest. This may vary a little depending on where you live, but for weekday lessons, ideally aim for late morning or mid-afternoon (around 2 pm).