How To Register A Hospital In Uganda

What Is A Hospital?

A hospital is a health care institution providing patient treatment with specialized health science and auxiliary healthcare staff and medical equipment.

How To Register A Hospital In Uganda?


  • Every person or body who or which intends to open a private health unit shall apply to the council for the registration of the health unit.
  • Registration for Health Unit can be obtained from Uganda medical Association.
  1. Registration of health Unit is done in person by visiting the Uganda Medical Association Head Offices.
  2. Here you will be issued with Application for registration of a health Unit to fill and submit.
  3. This form can be picked from the Uganda Medical Association offices.
  4. Fill in the required information carefully and attached the required documents. These include:
    • the name, address, qualifications and the date of registration of the medical or dental practitioner supervising the health unit;
    • the conditions, if any, attached to the licence;
    • the name and address of the health unit;
    • the medical or dental practitioner in whose name the health unit is to be registered.
  5. This is followed by making an inquiry on the health unit by the medical council if this is considered necessary.
  6. The council field officers will make recommendations on the application and forward their report forwarded to Medical Council’s Headquarters for the ultimate Board approval.
  7. Upon a successful approval by the Medical Council board, a list of approved of Health unit applicants is published in the Uganda gazette.
  8. At this point the applicant is notified and he/she will be required to pay the respective registration fee to the medical board and submit the receipt as proof of payment.
  9. If all the necessary requirements have been fulfilled by the applicant, the council may register the health unit.

The Council may reject the application to register a health unit, if it is of the opinion that any health unit approved is not being maintained in a satisfactory state, the Council may direct that the health Unit be discontinued from giving medical service to the community.

Required Documents To Register A Hospital In Uganda

  • Applicant should obtain Clearance from the ministry of health.
  • Registration form(Applicant names)
  • certificate of incorporation for a (Health Unit)
  • Applicant should obtain clearance from Uganda medical Association.
  • Original receipt for the proof of payment.
  • Original trading License for the previous year for already existing health Unit.
  • Health inspection certificate.
  • Qualifications and other medical Certificates of the applicant.

Eligibility To Register A Hospital In Uganda

Any person, hospital/nursing home/health centre/maternity/dispensary/clinic/dental-surgery/specialized establishment Association, group or company who wants to erect/operate a Health Unit in Uganda can make this application.

Fees To Register A Hospital In Uganda

The Uganda Medical Association shall determine the fees payable for registering a health Unit in Uganda from time to time.

Validity To Register A Hospital In Uganda

The registration is valid for a period of 3 years.

How Do I Start A Private Hospital in Uganda?

Requirements and Procedure for opening a Health Unit

Professional must have registered with the council. Must have a current Annual Practicing license. Professional must have four (4)years and above working experience. Must possess a copy of guidelines for private practice.

How Do You Run A Successful Hospital?

  1. Track and Observe.
  2. Offer Online Scheduling.
  3. Use Technology.
  4. Hold Staff Meetings.
  5. Send Intake Forms Prior to Appointments.
  6. Final Note.
  7. Reference.

What Is Required To Start A Hospital In Uganda?

Attach the following documents: – (a) Company or Business Registration Certificate (b) Certified copies of Professional Certificates of all Health Professionals working therein including licenses from their respective Regulatory Authorities. (c) Building Architectural Plans for hospitals and nursing homes.

Office Locations & Contacts Required Documents To Register A Hospital In Uganda

Uganda Medical Association Secretariat.
Plot 2 Kyagwe Road, Kati House, 2nd Floor,
P.O. Box 2243, Kampala, Uganda
Tel: +256(0)781657163
Alter. +256(0)706744927
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Email 2:
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