Isuzu Forward For Sale In Uganda

Isuzu Forward For Sale In Uganda

What Is Isuzu Forward?

Forward is a medium-duty truck. Since the first generation introduced in April 1970, it has continued evolution as Isuzu’s signature model. The truck is powered by 120ps engine D500. This is the very first automatic shifting model as a medium- duty truck.

What is the engine of Isuzu Forward In Uganda?

Isuzu Forward
Engine6BB1 6BD1 6BD1T, 6BG1 6BG1T 6HH1, 6SD1 6HK1, 4HK1 6NX1-TCS VGS Turbo
Transmission5-speed manual 6-speed manual 4-speed automatic 6-speed automatic 10-speed automatic

How many tonnes does Isuzu Forward carry In Uganda?

The Isuzu F-Series 11 Tonne ‘Forward’ looks as good in the flesh as it does on paper. It’s compact and has a class-leading carrying capacity of almost 8000kgs (body/payload). Despite the fact that it has a gvw of 11.00 tonnes this model can carry as much as other manufacturer’s 12 tonners!

What is the price for Isuzu Forward In Uganda?

Isuzu Forward Tipper

USh 132,000,000

Isuzu Forward Tipper Engine Type 6bg1

USh 120,000,000

Isuzu Forward Tipper Engine 6bg1

USh 110,000,000

Isuzu Forward Tipper/Dumper

USh 110,000,000

1989 Isuzu Forward Tipper

USh 120,000,000

1992 Isuzu Forward Tipper

USh 120,000,000

What is the most powerful Isuzu engine In Uganda?

Every 2022 Isuzu F-Series model is equipped with the most powerful version of the Cummins B6. 7 Efficiency Series, This legendary 6.7-liter, inline six-cylinder diesel engine produces 260 horsepower and 660 lb.

How many miles do Isuzu diesel engines last In Uganda?

The rating means that 90% of Isuzu 4HK1-TC engines are expected to last 375,000 miles before they require a major repair or rebuild. Previously, the 4HK1-TC engine carried a B10 rating of 310,000 miles.

What is the fuel consumption of Isuzu In Uganda?

The fuel consumption of the Isuzu D-MAX is 8.3L/100km (the most fuel-efficient), and the highest fuel consumption is 8.3L/100km.

2021 Isuzu D-Max 3.0 4×4 Single Cab MTConsumption
Manufacturers Claim8.3 L/100km

Where can I buy Isuzu Forward In Uganda?

Huawaii Motors, Uganda

Jinja Road, Kampala, Uganda

+256 758 547784

Uganda Truks

7HXJ+VQR, Unnamed Road, Kampala, Uganda

+256 708 314686

BE FORWARD Uganda Kampala – Nakawa Office (MPAATANEL CO., LTD.)

 Opposite MTAC, Nakawa – Jinja Rd, Kampala, Uganda

+256 706 382027

Sino Trucks Uganda

Kampala, Uganda

+256 783 822077

Mobikey Trucks And Bus Uganda

Namanve Insdustrial Park, Kampala, Uganda

+256 786 427875