IT Companies In Tanzania

IT Companies In Tanzania

An IT (information technology) company oversees the use of devices storing, retrieving, and sending information.

IT Companies In Tanzania

Below is the list of IT Companies In Tanzania

  • HookIT Company Limited.
  • Flashnet Tanzania.
  • Bluechip Technologies.
  • Bigbee Technology Limited.
  • Orange Technologies.
  • Web Corporation Limited.
  • Vuma Africa.
  • Bluechip Technologies
  • Imatic Technologies Limited
  • QuickBrain Technology Software Engineering Co.LTD
  • DayOne Softcom Technologies
  • WORKFORCE Tanzania

What multinational companies are in Tanzania?

Global corporations have a significant presence in the country and include such companies as Vodacom, Coca-Cola, and Deloitte, amongst others. African companies such as Aluminium Africa Ltd and Eco Bank are also key players in the Tanzanian market along with national firms such as Auric Air.

What is the list of industry in Tanzania?

  • Audio and Video Equipment Manufacturing.
  • Boiler, Tank, and Shipping Container Manufacturing.
  • Commercial and Service Industry Machinery Manufacturing.
  • Cut and Sew Apparel Manufacturing.
  • Electrical Equipment Manufacturing.
  • Footwear Manufacturing.
  • Glass and Glass Product Manufacturing.

What is private company in Tanzania?

A private company requires a minimum of two shareholders (maximum fifty), whereas a public company requires a minimum of seven shareholders and no maximum limit. The registration fees for a small private company in Tanzania depend on the authorised share capital and can range from TZS 95,000 to TZSs 440,000.