Kampala University School Of Education

Kampala University School Of Education

The School of Education is one of the pioneer schools that started the academic progress of Kampala University. This school is made up of four departments that compose its accredited academic programs that conform to the National Council for Higher Education regularities. The School is mandated to produce competent and quality teachers of National and Global Impact.

Our programs are designed to prepare tomorrow’s teachers, administrators, policymakers, specialists, designers and researchers to be life-changing leaders. This underpins our commitment to prepare our students to meet the demanding needs of a constantly changing society and to excel in a variety of roles after graduating.

The School of Education also understands the changing needs and diverse schedules of today’s students, so we provide the in-service program.

All Education students register for professional educational courses in the following

  • Foundations of Education
  • Psychology Educational
  • Curriculum Studies

A student is required to register for any two teaching subjects approved by the School of education .One is a major and another a minor: – underfuls
English Literature

  1. Mathematics and Geography
  2. History and Religious studies & ethics
  3. Physics and Chemistry
  4. Biology and Agriculture
  5. Chemistry and Physics
  6. Agriculture double main
  7. Mathematics and Basic Integrated Science
  8. Special Needs Educationdouble main
  9. Sports Scienceand Basic Integrated Science
  10. Home Science and math
  11. Computer ScienceMathematics
  12. Geography and History
  13. Religious Studies and history
  14. English Language and Social Studies
  15. Among other relevant combinations

The combination of major & minor subjects are subject to the approval of the School of Education. Once registered a student may change subjects within the first two weeks only.
Degree Programme
The School Of Education Offers A Curriculum Leading To The Award Of Post Graduate Diploma In Education, Bachelors Of Education, Bachelors Of Arts Education, Bachelors Of Science Education, Bachelors Of Early Child Education, Bachelors Of Business Education, Masters Of Education And Religious Studies, Masters Of Educational Administration, Masters Of English Language and Literature Education.