KCB Bank Uganda Limited Vacancies 2020

Our aim is to attract, nurture, develop and retain the most talented people available and support them in expanding their skills and capabilities to ensure that the KCB Group is the destination of choice for the brightest talents in the industry.

The diversity of our workforce adds great value to our core business by helping us to understand customers from all walks of life and enabling us to provide compelling products for these customers. An inclusive workplace culture enables us to attract the most talented people from various backgrounds.

Development and training:

We believe that people are able to achieve more when they are supported and motivated to develop their careers and acquire new skills. We therefore have a wide variety of training programmes available to all our employees, to ensure that they are constantly developing their knowledge and skills set.

Continual Learning :

KCB offers a full range of training programmes that focus on the three dimensions that are essential in differentiating us from our competition.

These are:

  1. Leadership mindset & behaviors
  2. Strategic skills, and
  3. Functional foundations

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