Kilimanjaro Christian Medical College (KCMUCo) Courses Offered

Kilimanjaro Christian Medical College (KCMUCo) Courses Offered

In 1946 the government started a 3-year course programme with an additional one-year midwifery course for girls. The course offered a level two general Nursing and midwifery certificate.

Undergraduate Programmes

  • Diploma in Health Laboratory Science
  • Diploma in HIV and AID CARE
  • Diploma in Occupational Therapy
  • BSc Health Laboratory Science
  • BSc in Nursing
  • Bsc in Physiotherapy
  • BSc Prothestics / Orthotics
  • BSc Optometry
  • Doctor of Medicine (MD)

Postgraduate Programmes

  • Master of Puclic Health (MPH)
  • MSc Clinical Research
  • MSc Medical Mircrobiology, Immunology with Molecular Biology
  • Msc Epidemology and Applied Biostatistics
  • Msc Medical Parasitology and Entemology
  • Msc Urology
  • Master of Medicine Programmes
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)