KIUT Certificate Program Fee Structure

KIUT Certificate Program Fee Structure

ProgrammesSemester Tuition (TZS)Semester Tuition (USD)Annual Tuition (TZS)Annual Tuition (USD)
Technician Certificate in Clinical Medicine (NTA Level 5)950,0001,1251,900,0002,250
Technician Certificate in Medical Laboratory Sciences (NTA Level 5)950,0001,1251,900,0002,250
Technician Certificate in Pharmaceutical Sciences (NTA Level 5)950,0001,1251,900,0002,250
Certificate in Business Administration380,000390760,000780
Certificate in Strategic Marketing Management380,000390760,000780
Certificate in Human Resource Management380,000390760,000780
Certificate in Information Technology380,000390760,000780
Certificate in Public Administration380,000390760,000780
Certificate in Law500,0004501,000,000900

Other Fees Payable Once to the University

ItemAmount (TZS)Detail
Registration Fee20,000Paid Once
Identity Card10,000Paid Once
Prospectus and Students Handbook20,000Paid Once
Caution Money10,000Paid Once
NACTE Verification Fee20,000Paid Once

Other Fees Payable per Year to the University

ItemAmount (TZS)Detail
Library Membership Fee5,000Paid per Year
Students Union Organization Fee20,000Paid per Year
Computer Services5,000Paid per Year
Quality Assurance Fee for TCU/NACTE20,000Paid per Year
NHIF Fee50,400Paid per Year


  1. Allied Health Students will pay Hospital Clinical Rotations of 200,000 per Rotation
  2. NACTE Exam Fee (National Examination for Allied Health Science students only) 150,000/= to be paid in each second semester of the studies.
  3. Graduation Fee 15,000/= to be paid by graduating students during registration period.