Kyambogo University Faculty Of Education

Kyambogo University Faculty Of Education

The Faculty of Education offers a wide range of professional programmes in Education, Guidance and Counseling and Development Studies. We aim at producing relevant personnel for secondary schools, Primary Teachers Colleges, National Teachers Colleges, Educational Departments both at district and national levels and other related institutions.

Courses Offered

The departments in this faculty are; Foundations of Education, Psychology, Educational Planning and Management, Teacher Education, Early Childhood Education, Distance Education and Curriculum Teaching, Instruction and Media Studies

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Our mission is produce Graduates who are competent and ethically committed for purposes of enhancing quality education, quality mental and social health and wholesome individual and national development both for Uganda and other sister nations.

Departments in the Faculty of Education

Currently the Faculty has the following departments;

  • Teacher Education and Development Studies
  •  Psychology
  •  Foundations of Education
  •  Educational Planning and Management
  •  Distance Education

Senior Lecturer/Dean

Faculty of Education

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