Lacor School of Nursing and Midwifery

Lacor School of Nursing and Midwifery

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Lacor School of Nursing

St. Mary`s Hospital Lacor Nurse Training school was first opened on February 1st 1973 with the aim of training Nurses who would work at the Hospital and in other health facilities in the region. Today the Nurse Training School offers training in Certificate in Enrolled Comprehensive Nursing and Diploma in Registered Nursing. It converted from the training of the traditional Nursing to the training of Enrolled Comprehensive Nursing in November 2003, in compliance with the Uganda national policy on nurses training.


Introduction: ST. MARY’S LACOR HEALTH TRAINING INSTITUTE is located within the premises of St. Mary’s Hospital Lacor (Lacor Hospital) , approximately 6 kilometres west of Gulu City, along Juba Road. The school shares same governance and ownership with the hospital. The hospital is a Church-Based, Roman-Catholic, Non-Profit Health Service Provider located in Gulu Archdiocese, Gulu District. ST. MARY’S HOSPITAL LACOR has this name to signify its religious affiliation as a hospital placed under the special protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary – Health of the Sick. Lacor Hospital considers its long-established activities at all levels of the chain of teaching and training health professionals as an integral and prominent part of its mission.

The general student population of the Institute is 550 as of this FY2019-2020, distributed among the 5 programs; Nursing and Midwifery, Laboratory Technology, Theatre Techniques, and Anaesthesia.

We have accommodation facilities within the school premises. It is a must for all Certificate Students to reside within the school hostel, but it is optional for Diploma and Post Basic Students.

Main Objective: To provide training opportunity to students in order to enable them offer Quality Health Care to the population. The goal is to produce quality, competent and dedicated health workers for the region.

Mission: To provide affordable, quality and sustainable training of health care professionals of high integrity in witness to the church’s concern for all.

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