LDC Online Application Forms

This article contains information on the Law Development Centre, LDC online and hard copy application forms for admission as well as steps on how to Apply. It also contains the Law Development Centre, LDC Application form download link as well as its online application where necessary.

LDC Online Application Procedure
  • Application can also be made online by visiting the Law Development Centre Online Application portal through the link as stated below in order to track the application anywhere and anytime.
  • Simply upload all of the necessary documentation so that it can be processed by our administrative department.
  • Your application will be completed once all of the necessary fees have been paid.
LDC Manual Application Procedure
  • The application form can be accessed on the website for downloading
  • Application fee is indicated on the application form on the University admission portal.
  • The University Bank account information is also indicated in the application form.
  • No application is valid unless the appropriate application fee has been paid. Application forms can be accessed through an online application or downloaded below.
  • Further information is indicated on the application form
  • The university will acknowledge receipt of your application
  • Thank you for your application
  • Applicants who were admitted during the Academic Year admissions process and who admission letters were issued for Academic Year need not reapply.
  • Applicants who had submitted to the Academic Registrar applications for admission to Academic Year before the issuance of this advertisement need not reapply.
  • The National Council for Higher Education (NHCE) has approved the LDC Bar Course for open, distance and e-learning. The Bar Course may be conducted online or with a blend of both online and physical learning in accordance with the guidelines issued by the NCHE and the Rules for Passing the Bar Course.
  • An applicant admitted to the Bar Course may be posted to any LDC campus.

Law Development Centre, LDC offers courses at the Postgraduate degree levels. Prospective students should apply by filling the application forms before the deadline date as it is communicated by the Admissions office. Late applications are only accepted if the program space allows. These should be received not later than two weeks after the start of the appropriate semester; OR not later than a week after the beginning of a session.

Once you submit your form, you must pay the application fee for your form to be processed. Otherwise, it will not be processed.https://b423489f684bc384f763c3643048a3aa.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-38/html/container.html

Law Development Centre, LDC Application Fees

  • Application – Post Graduate Bar Course – 200,000/=
  • Application – Diploma Courses- 100,000/=
  • Application – Certificate and Short Courses- 50,000/=

Law Development Centre, LDC Online Application Forms

To access the application forms, kindly apply online through the LDC admission Portal or you need to download the application form below and follow the instructions as indicated therein. 

Download LDC Application Form