List Of ACCA Members In Uganda

List Of ACCA Members In Uganda

A CAO, or chief administrative officer, is an executive who oversee’s an organization’s day-to-day operations. They typically act as the head of departments like finance, human resources and sales, or any department that takes part in daily tasks or customer-facing interactions.

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How can I verify my ACCA membership?

You can validate the authenticity of a student’s certificate by entering the details from the certificate. This validation allows confirmation of the authenticity of a certificate and the qualification achieved by an ACCA student.

Where can I find my ACCA membership number?

We provided your 7-digit ID in your welcome email when you joined as a student. For members, your ACCA ID is also known as your membership ID. If you’re unable to find your ACCA ID, request a reminder. You’ll need your registered email address.

How long does it take to receive ACCA certificate?

You will be transferred to membership approximately 12 working days after we receive confirmation of your acceptance – subject to the next available membership committee meeting. Membership applications are normally processed within four weeks of receipt.

How do I download my ACCA membership certificate?

Members can now download their membership certificates from their myACCA account, free of charge. Access your certificate via myACCA.

Who are ACCA members?

ACCA member is those who have completed the exams, completed the online Professional Ethics and must possess three years of practical experience in relevant field. ACCA affiliates are those who have completed examination and ethics module.