List Of Architecture And The Built Environment Schools In Uganda

List Of Architecture And The Built Environment Schools In Uganda

An architecture school (also known as a school of architecture or college of architecture), is an institution specializing in architectural education.

These are the only Universities/institutions of higher learning currently offering Architectural courses accredited by the Uganda National Council for Higher Education and recognized by the Board and approved to be sufficient academic qualification for registration.

  • Makerere University – Bachelor of Architecture
  • Kyambogo University – Bachelor of Architecture
  • Uganda Martyrs University Nkozi – Bachelor of Architecture
  • International University of East Africa – Bachelor of Architecture

How much does it cost to study architecture in Uganda?

Tuition Fee

Based on the tuition of 2,245 USD per year during 2 years.

What is the qualification for architecture?

B.Arch Course Highlights

Full-FormBachelor of Architecture
Duration of the Programme05 Years
Eligibility CriteriaClass XIIth qualified candidates from Science stream and recognised Board with a minimum overall aggregate of 50% are eligible
Admission ProcessBoth Direct and Entrance based admissions

How many years does it take to study architecture?

To be an architect, you need to have a degree in Bachelor of Science in Architecture (BS Archi). BS Architecture is a five-year degree program that focuses on providing students with technical and aesthetic know-how about constructing any physical structure.

How many architects are in Uganda?

In which case, the situation in Uganda is acute: there are just 178 registered architects in the country of over 43 million people, which is 18,700 short of the CAA’s optimal number. The association warned this “critical shortage” could leave Ugandan cities vulnerable as they grow rapidly.

Which subject is best for architecture?


  1. 1 | MATHS & PHYSICS. Relevant subjects: Mathematics with Calculus. Statistics & Modelling. Physics.
  2. 2 | VISUAL ART. Relevant subjects: Visual Art: Painting, Design, Photography, Sculpture. Graphics. Technology.
  3. 3 | WRITING. Relevant subjects: English. History. Art History. Classics. First Name.

How do I become a registered architect in Uganda?


In order for one to become a registered architect one needs to be a holder of a degree or diploma awarded by a university or other institution recognized for the time being by the board.

What subjects do you study in architecture?

The following subjects are crucial and extremely important for any architecture student to study thoroughly.

  • Design. Not to mention, architecture is designing.
  • History of Architecture.
  • Graphics.
  • Computer Technology.
  • Working Drawing.
  • Climatology.
  • Building Services (Sanitation)
  • Theory of Structures.