List Of Bakeries In Uganda

List Of Bakeries In Uganda

A bakery is an establishment that produces and sells flour-based food baked in an oven such as bread, cookies, cakes, donuts, pastries, and pies.

Here are the List Of Bakeries In Uganda

Hotloaf Bakery

Address: Plot # 89, Jinja Road, Kampala

Phone: 0750 783553

Hot Loaf Bakery

Address: 8HJF+9HJ, Bombo Road, Kampala

Phone: 0755 759078

Daily Loaf Bakery

Address: 355 Sir Apollo Kaggwa Rd, Kampala

Phone: 0703 637523

Supa Loaf Bakery, Bugolobi – Head Office

Address: 4, 5e Spring Rd, Kampala

Phone: 0750 944829

M Products Bakery

Address: P.O.Box 12397, Kampala

Phone: 0703 640030

Cakely uganda

Address: plot 48 Naguru Rd, Kampala

Phone: 0703 692310

Cake Studio Uganda

Address: 8H9G+V42, Kampala

Phone: 0757 310583

Haven Bakery

Address: Valley curve road, Ntinda Kigowa Rd, Kampala

Phone: 0701 690526

Bake 4 Me

Address: 7JF8+PMP, Bunga kalugu road, Kampala

Phone: 0772 501987

Sarah’s cakes

Address: 8HF6+G9X, Hoima Rd, Kampala

Phone: 039 2901484


Address: 8HQP+9QW, Acacia Mall Ground Floor, Kampala

Phone: 0700 155537

Goodies Confectionery

Address: JBK Plaza, P.O. Box 36066 Luwum St, Kampala

Phone: 031 2280548

Royale confectioneries

Address: small gate, Kampala

Phone: 0701 449948

How much does it cost to open a bakery in Uganda?


However, for those who want to do it on a large-scale, Uganda Investment Authority says this project premised on baking bread, cakes, buns, mandazi and doughnuts among others, requires capital investment of $55,580 (Shs200 million).

What type of business is bakery?

retail business

A bakery can be established as a retail business from a storefront location selling baked goods to consumers, or a bakery can be established as a wholesale business selling baked goods to food retailers and institutions.